The slow death of the Top end Rater

So looking at the 50th Place of the raters of the year over the site lifetime, it looks pretty clear that RB was growing up to 2017 but now looks to be clearly in decline. Now this isnt really going to be a surprise to anyone, but its interesting to see in numbers.

Would be interesting to see how many new accounts were created each year. To see if that corolates.


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It could be interesting to filter out new raters with backlog, but that is a huge project.

The real interesting fact to know would be the total number of annual ratings for each year.
My guess would be that it peaked in 2013 ( a new site turned up ) and that it has gone down since then.

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ahh see i think theres space for both, and wonder if we sill grew after 2013 but suspect in recent years have lost(we’ve always lost people) more than we gained

Im not sure this is true. There are so much more new beer released today compared to 2013. So even average rater can do hundred ratings in year without being obsessive about it…

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Are ticks counted as ratings?

What new site?


While it’s true that there are more beers than ever available to the consumer, I would say that for many users there wasn’t a shortage of new beers available, at least in the United States.

I’ve been on the site since 2005. I think I might have been able to “catch up” and basically bingo all the single bottles at Total Wine and More (a regional chain with a lot of beer and wine options), provided the influx of beer had remained at 2005 levels. It would have taken some time to slowly catch up, but I’d eventually be able to overtake it, even if I only purchased beers from the same place and never consumed the same beer twice.

I think even by 2009 that if you were in an urban United States area, there were plenty of regional and local options on top of all the out-of-state options to keep people with more options than they could possibly keep up with.

I know it may be different for other parts of the world.

So a further look at this, Total of number of rating of Top 50 users
2012 : 107552
2013 : 113756
2014 : 136279
2015 : 144133
2016 : 144133
2017 : 156787
2018 : 141662
2019 : 113756 (projected based on projected values)

So looks like RB was growing till 2017 and has now slipped back to the 2013 figures. It maybe that its now got a lot more casual raters. as back in 2013 it took about 12 months to add 50,000 users now its down to about 8. But how many of those users are doing anything i cant work out.

And there are new revierws.
Looking at 5 most recent paces of lates reviews i see
2001 : 1
2002 : 1
2003 : 2
2004 : 1
2005 : 2
2007 : 3
2008 : 1
2013 : 2
2014 : 5
2015 : 1
2019 : 2