The Tuesday Stat Attack: 16 Denmark 1st February 2022

Another great thing about Denmark is this film - a slow, beautiful black comedy about the life of a fir tree. Worth a look if you’ve got a spare half an hour…:

Having moved to Denmark from the UK 8 years ago still pretty surprised to see my name in the top 10 for Danish beer rates as so many (real/native) Danish raters on here :slight_smile: (but I have slowed down somewhat so probably won’t last long)

What can I say about this country from a beer perspective that I now call home?, well for starters my adopted hometown here in Copenhagen is pretty nuts for beer choice. Even a cursory glance at my phones UT verified venues shows me over 45 bars/brewpubs/taprooms/bottleshops within 5km from home (and there is plenty not even on there) so plenty of choice overall.

We have quite a few yearly beer festivals across the country including one which I am often reliably told is one of the world’s best for brewery line ups (MBCC) - and have managed to make that every year since moving here.

Also as others have mentioned above, Copenhagen is only a 20min train across the bridge to Malmö/Sweden which has a burgeoning beer scene to enjoy, and we had a great Copenhagen / Malmö RBESG in 2015 (Ratebeer European Summer Gathering) when many of you made it over.

Outside of my hometown lots of places opening up across the country, the Mrs is from Aarhus (the other side of the country) and whenever we over notice how more and more places opening up, a really good scene over there now which is great to see.

Danish brewery ratings are as follows.

Most by ratings…

Name Type Beer Count My Count Est.
Copenhagen Client Brewer 1254 532 2005
To Øl
Copenhagen N Microbrewery 521 287 2010
København Microbrewery 516 299 2012
Nørrebro Bryghus
København Brewpub/Brewery 510 148 2003
Amager Bryghus
Kastrup Microbrewery 465 295 2007

Top 5 beers by score…

My Rating Avg Entered Updated
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast 4.6 4.08 9/9/2012
Mikkeller SpontanPentadrupelRaspberry 4.5 4.01 2/24/2018
Mikkeller Black Hole 4.4 3.96 3/11/2013
Mikkeller George vs Brian Cherry 4.3 4.06 6/21/2014
Mikkeller 40 Smaragd 4.3 4.02 10/1/2016

Well, I doubt I will visit Denmark in March, my beer comrade had to cancel the trip :cry: