The Tuesday Stat Attack: 19 Australia 22nd February

It’s a long way to Australia from the UK, but they do produce a few ‘Ales’ to go with Fosters Skippy Piss and Victoria Bitter. It is no longer a Beer Desert. To us Brits it’s still a penal colony though, there are about 26 million of them at the moment, all squeezed onto it’s 7,617,930 square kilometres.

Sydney is lovely and there are some other bits that are very pleasant, Tasmania has grass apparently, but mostly the Commonwealth of Australia is a bit sandy, too hot and has loads of animals that want to kill you. They like being sporty and beating England for some reason.

Let’s talk Beer!
778 Breweries on the data base with another 76 closed.

Top Raters of Aussie Beers:

mkel07 5879
hawthorne00 3031
Davros 2093
KeefOz 1997
Muggus69 1844
Maris 1499
ANZUShophunter 1475
TedE 1442
bluevegie 1166

Ratebeer has split Australia into 8 Regions, a couple of which are hard to come by, even for Australians (Northern Territory has no breweries apparently).

Over to you!



Ranked #21 with 14 ratings from 5 of 8 regions. Almost visited a few years ago but had our Australian friends meet us in New Zealand instead.

Mildly interesting is that my top three were not rated at home or in Australia:
Top rated at #1 is Murray’s Wild Thing Imperial Stout which I had at a RB tasting at mcberko’s place on a trip to BC which is kind of neat. #2 is Carleton Sheaf Stout, which I bought in Anchorage, Alaska while on a cruise. #3 is Coopers Vintage Ale purchased in Cork, Ireland.


My Uncle Vinny was a Ten Pound Pom going out in 1959 to start a new life. He’d been a bit of a larrikin here in Suffolk as a teen and decided his future was either a UK prison or a former penal colony. So he chose the latter. He met a lovely Aussie girl and made a new life out there in the ever expanding Sydney suburbs eventually settling in Penrith (go Panthers NRL Champions 2021 @danlo) where he continues to thrive.

It’s meant I’ve had opportunity to go stay in Australia 3 times (should have been 4 but 2020 plans got cancelled) and have toured quite extensively (whilst barely covering a fraction of it). Have stayed in/around Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Gold Coast during these visits and for the most part hired cars to explore and absolutely loved it.

It was my first trip out there that got me into bottle collecting and beer rating. I brought home a bottle of Cascade Light (choices were limited back then but that had been Vinny’s go to beer) as a souvenir little knowing at the time what that would lead to.

My Aussie beer/cider count is 103 (from 65 breweries) with 7/8 regions and just the elusive NT to go. As an overall average it’s not been good at just 2.98 but I have sampled some delightful beers though never actually in Australia. My top 4 score very high:

Deeds Dark Deeds Peanut Butter Imperial Stout 4.6

Hawthorn Brewing Australian IPA 4.5

Boatrocker Coffee Ramjet 2016 4.4

Mr Banks Relax! I’m A Regular Here 4.4

Hoping to go back again late this year and use Australia as a base to then explore into the Pacific Islands as had been the plan back in 2020. I hope I get the motivation/confidence to book it after so long without travelling I’m just a little nervous about committing loads of money to the trip should anything reoccur to prevent it. But I’d be a few stubbies short of a 6-pack if I don’t. So I really should get it booked.


Australia is my 27th country at 26 rates from 22 breweries covering 5/8 regions. It would be lower were it not for the odd cider traded with @danlo. I also have a number of Australian beers in my stash which should see this rise to about 22 in my country tally.

My top ten:

My Rating Avg Entered Updated
Bridge Road / Nøgne Ø Aurora Australis 4.1 3.91 11/24/2015
Fin Ride On Baby 3.9 3.23 2/15/2022
Batch (AUS) India Black Ale 3.8 3.37 7/10/2018
Kaiju! Hopped Out Red 3.8 3.66 1/24/2019
Willie Smiths / Sullivan’s Cove Whisky Aged Cider 3.8 3.37 3/9/2020
Incy Wincy Cyder X3 2016 3.7 3.19 3/28/2020
Little Creatures Pale Ale 3.6 3.57 9/21/2013
Nomad Saltpan Desert Gose 3.5 3.24 6/17/2018
La Sirène Urban Pale 3.5 3.6 10/16/2018
Pomologist Cider Quasar Dry 2017 3.5 3.19 3/9/2020

It’s a short one from me this time having never been to Oz, although I did have a tour all booked up and ready to go back in 2011, to include NZ, but it got cancelled due to some dodgy goings on with the promoter.

During my time in London I befriended an Australian, which really shined a light into Aussie and kiwi culture in London. A bizarre microcosm where it seemed I was the only English person at Aussie pubs, house parties, gigs…

Would love to visit one day, but the heat and flight duration is a sticking point with my other half, not to mention the 3-4 week block off work to make it worthwhile. I have friends in NZ so that may be a more likely destination.


Not been, not likely to in the near future sadly… a whopping 44 beers. Definitely a part of the world I’ve neglected

Had a couple of decent beers by Stone & Wood and Nomad.

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Only been once, 17 days in 2006, loved it. My daughter and her husband to be were travelling the world and stopped off in Sydney to raise a bit more money (they stayed 6 months). They had a lovely flat in Manley and their commute to work was by the ferry each day. While there we visited the Blue Mountains and it’s Three Sisters as well as hitting Hunter Valley for some wine tasting, some very impressive places out there. We loved it so much we started to think about retiring out there, that is until we looked at the house prices in Sydney and realised we couldn’t afford anything with a sea view or a decent size anywhere near the city.

My beer rating total sits at 41 with one beer scored at over 4.

I have rated beers from 6 of the 8 regions with Victoria well out in front (mostly due to Beer52). My average score is 3.1, that is down to some of the shitty lagers I’ve tried. An unlikely plus however was sitting next to an Australian (Lincoln) at the 2020 International Beer Exchange in De Bierboom, who had a bag full of great beers he’d brought over to share. He liked the Shropshire stuff I’d taken, so it was all good!

Walked the Sydney Harbour Bridge (not over the top spans though) for my bridge fix. Bondi Beach, tick, The Sydney Tower, tick, Sydney Zoo, tick, Sydney Opera House, tick, The Rocks, tick!

I would love to go back, but there are places I’ve not seen yet, so it’s not really in my plans.



My tally is 304 rates for Australia, my 4th highest country. My top rated on 4.2 are shared between: Moon Dog Jumping The Shark 2015, Willie Smiths Kingston Black Vintage 2017 and Mr Banks Relax! I’m A Regular Here

Was born-in and grew-up in Sydney, but have now spent about half my life time in the UK vs Australia, having come over to study in 1994 and then pretty much staying on since then. During my time on ratebeer have been back to visit family 5 times - about every year & a half till COVID came along. The last 2 visits were focussed on rating ciders, the 2 before that IPAs and before that general Australian beers.

Have done fairly well with the highest rated Australian beers, having rated 7 out of the top 10. In terms of most rated, still haven’t had the Australian no 1 - a Fosters Lager! (have never seen it on my trips back to Sydney, doesn’t travel from WA). Hope to get back again in August this year. Have got all the regions apart from NT so will have to seek that out in my next visit.

For ciders, there are 97 active cideries in Australia, with “The Cidery” in Bridgetown WA having the most entries with 18. Surprisingly you can get a cider in every Australian state/territory, see map:
Including the NT which has Pink Lady Cider available from One Mile Brewing Co. So there is a brewery in NT and it even makes cider!

The top 5 raters for Australian cider and cideries are:

AustraliaCider Ratings


So am only afew short of 100 Australian ciders and almost half way through the listed cideries. One day hope to do the cidery tours across Tasmania and West Australia to add to that:



Ah Australia. The land of a million (billion?) pale ales. Every brewery brews a couple of 4% ish nothing beers, it must be the climate!

My bro emigrated to Melbourne in 2010 so I’ve visited three times. Each visit has coincided with the Ashes (not just coincidence). Before I get back on topic I’ll briefly mention that Dec 26th 2010 was the most unreal day to be an England cricket fan. It was bloody cold (12-13 degrees C) at the MCG that day but England were sublime, total domination. I was at the SCG on day 5 to watch us retain the urn. Great memories! The cricket on my last two trips has been rather more forgettable.

I’ve visited Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Perth and done minor amounts of touring around. It’s a beautiful country with a nice (if at times baffling) climate.

So onto the beer. I’d started rating on here before my last trip in 2017/18, so I’ve rated 144 beers putting Aus at #5 on my country list with 67 different breweries sampled, one of which has closed. Six of eight regions ticked.

Most rated breweries:
Dainton 9, then 4 Pines & Boatrocker with 8 each

Favourite beers:

with a good bunch at 4.0*. I really rate Wildflower beers and I have a soft spot for Boatrocker as the taproom was close to my brother’s house.

I’ve rated 29 places in Melbourne & Sydney, favourites are:


I do love it that I can order online from Grape & Grain and one of the staff drops the beers off to my brother’s house on his way home from work. That makes present buying easy!



Australia a huge country with a very easy going population. They are totally obsessed with sports and love beating the poms. I visited back in 2005 on a side trip from Japan. I was only there for 2 weeks and stayed in Cairns the whole time but hired a car and drove a lot, visiting the great barrier reef, Port Douglas and other places in north Queensland. It was winter so it was dark early but still a humid 30 degrees by day. My niece now lives in Sydney and has a great job over there, I’m not likely to visit again unless she gets married over there. It’s a bloody long way and I’m going off flying as I get older.

As far as beer is concerned, I’ve only rated 4 beers! I’ve certainly had more than 4 of their beers but that was before rating. Back in 2005 the best beer for me was Coopers and I drank a lot of it by the swimming pool. Australian beers have obviously improved since then.


A mere 8 rates for me, and a huge split between the top 4 of those (craft, average score 3.75) and the bottom 4 (industrial lager, average score 1.25). The Aussie industrial lagers I’ve tried really do seem to be worse than those elsewhere.

Fortunately, I’ve had some Aussie craft stuff that has made up for the industrial crud. Here’s my top 3:

I’ve only tried 4 of the 8 regions to date, with half of my rates having come from Victoria, I’d definitely like to get more regions ticked and colour in the invisible Australian regions map a darker shade of blue.

Never been to Australia, but I have to say that all the many, many travelling Aussies I’ve met (do any actually still live out there?!) and worked with have been very friendly and a great laugh to be with. Clearly making an entire country a penal colony has done wonders for turning out reformed characters!


I have 301 ratings from Australiam with an average of 2.88. This puts them as my 20th most rated country.
(Interestingly tied with Estonia - another country in which I have visiyed the highest point).

  • Beery highlights includes the RB Australian Summer Gathering in Sydney, around christmas 2005 I believe.
  • A work related trip that started with two sessions on AIBA, which (by pure coincidence happned to be just next to my hotel, directly after landing in Oz). Great way of get rid of jet lag…
  • Some frying hot summer pubcrawl in Melbourne.

My top rated Australian beers are:

Scharer’s Bock 4.4 3.13 4/23/2002
Little Creatures Pale Ale 4.3 3.57 4/23/2002
Bootleg Raging Bull 4.2 3.25 6/10/2005
Oxford Oatmeal Stout 4.2 3.46 6/10/2005
Riverside Session Amber Ale 4.2 2.95 2/8/2014
James Squire Four Wives Pilsener 4.1 3.16 4/23/2002
Redoak Baltic Porter 4.1 3.8 12/26/2005
Thorogoods Billy Bs Golden Malted Apple Beer 4.1 3.78 1/8/2006
Mornington Peninsula White IPA 4.1 3.25 2/16/2014
Red Duck Wood Gnaume 4.1 3.09 5/16/2014

I still miss a tick from Northern Territory:

Australian States (7/8) Average Count
Victoria 2.82 120
New South Wales 2.98 98
South Australia 2.99 20
Western Australia 3.01 18
Tasmania 2.46 16
Australian Capital Territory 2.97 15
Queensland 2.76 7
Northern Territory - 0


A measly 8 ratings but from 4 regions though. 20 years ago last Tuesday I actually met my wife in Australia so really this stat attack is one week late. I studied abroad in Melbourne for 6 months back then. I travelled quite a bit throughout the country skipping lots of school, I hope to make it back someday. Ratebeer was just starting back then if I had only discovered my map would be quite filled since I drank in half the pubs in the country. Anyways Melbourne is one my favorite cities I’ve ever been to but I mostly drank Victoria Bitter, Tooeys, and whatever else cheap regional brew a young lad could afford. Lots of beer exploration for next time.


Interesting reading all, but I’m afraid I’m some time behind on these now. I’ve visited Australia twice during my backpacking days.
In 1995, exploring the East coast from Sydney to Cape Tribulation, north of Cairns in depth over 2 1/2 months. Great memories & locations including camping for a few days on Great Barrier Island, the world’s largest sand island, sailing off the Whitsunday islands on a 76ft maxi yacht & getting hit by a massive storm. Was surprised on that trip in the pubs by the small measures the Queenslanders drank there XXXX, due to the 35 degree I found out.
I returned in 2003, this time to taking in Victoria, South Australia & Tasmania. Highlights were staying with friends in Adelaide & getting introduced to Coopers and drive through bottle shops, sleeping in swag’s on the the amazing Kangaroo Island & driving around beautiful Tassie in a Bentley. I was into beer by this point but choices were fairly limited outside of mainstream offerings, or at least I didn’t know where to find it!

Since that last visit was way before I joined here, no place ratings.

I’ve all of 19 rates averaging 3.18, covering 7/8 states also only missing Northern Territory. As one of my best travelling mates is from Darwin, I certainly hope to resolve this one day.

Top 3 rates - 4 Pines Pale Ale, Little Creatures Pale Ale & Coopers Original Pale Ale with 3.7

Showing my affection with that early rating for the latter there, I even brought the T shirt before I left Adelaide & got very excited when I first saw it for sale in the UK in a branch of Peckhams in Edinburgh.