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The Tuesday Stat Attack: 3 Scotland

Welcome to the third country in ‘the World series’.

Famous for it’s 30,000 Lochs, Whisky, Neeps and Tatties, Kilts and Brewdog. Also famous for Granite cities, beautiful scenery, Castles and a Monster. Need I go on? Golf anyone?

181 Breweries currently on the data base, another 91 closed according to Ratebeer.

The country has been split into 15 Regions and a few targeted breweries would get you onto most of the individual leader boards if that’s your thing.

The top beer raters all come from and live in the country (well the top 7 anyway), with our bowler hat wearing friend @cgarvieuk out in front.

OK, fire away with your Scottish thoughts and beer totals, I look forward to reading them.


Who Flagged this and got it hidden?


too many scottish breweries ive not managed to try


I hope that is not going to be your only post on this thread young man!


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It absolutly is, just that one post and not one single one more.

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It absolutly is, just that one post and not one single one more.

You are up to two already my friend.


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Love Scotland, lived up in Morayshire for 3 years in the 1980’s and we have friends in Edinburgh who we visit as often as we can.

Some cracking bridges too, I will just post two pictures of one’s I’ve crossed. No need to label them.

OK, one more (I haven’t done this one though). It’s the Glenfinnan Viaduct.

Right onto my stats:

Beer52 helped me rate 588 Scottish beers and I appear on most of the 15 Regional Leader Boards, that total of 588 has me sat in 36th place on the Scottish Ratings List. I sit between @Bullit and @tbone.

95 Breweries sampled with my top five by totals being this lot, not very inspiring I’m sorry to say:
Beer 52 on 43
Williams brothers on 42
Caledonian 41
BrewDog 40
Innes & Gunn 24

Quality wise my top Scottish breweries are:
Black Isle, 3.61 from 8 rates.
Orkney, 3.60 from 14 rates.
Drygate, 3.47 from 9 rates.

My top Scottish beers are:

Orkney Dark Island Reserve 4.4 3.89 11/28/2014
Harviestoun Ola Dubh (16 Year Old) 4.3 3.86 12/16/2014
Orkney Dark Island (Cask) 4.2 3.52 4/8/2012
Traquair Jacobite Ale 4.2 3.85 4/9/2012
Williams Brothers Midnight Sun (Bottle) 4.1 3.54 4/24/2012
Black Isle Big Butt 4.1 3.34 11/26/2014

Hope to visit again in 2021, maybe when a beer festival is on and I can add a few more rates to lesser drank regions.



Not long to get it in then!

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Bollox, you know I meant 2022!

I’m not even going to amend it.


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Crikey, this is a bigee. Again all my records are subdivided into counties, so having to bring them all together.

We have travelled extensively through Scotland, most notably when it was the second half of my Lands End to John O’Groats walk, but on many other camping trips too with caravan and motorhome. I have to say that Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities anywhere, right up there amongst the best and the pubs are exceptional there. I have done Glasgow, but not recently, so we are planning a trip for sometime soon, maybe combine it with Ayrshire, which I haven’t really done at all. I walked the West Highland Way and the Great Glen Way, visiting many a pub. Had a brief sojourn in Inverness, which we liked. Done Ben Nevis, just a grind really, there are much nicer Munroe’s to have a go at. We haven’t really done any of the Islands, so still plenty to do.

Sports wise, we did go to a couple of England matches at Hampden during the Seventies, a dump if ever there was one. I think these were where I developed a real hatred of hearing bagpipes but both times I remember we had the satisfaction of 1 – 0 wins, definitely Alan Ball scored in the first one we were at, at least in those days they didn’t sing that racist dirge Flower of Scotland!

To the beer then.
I’m currently on 984 beers from Scotland, which places me in 17th place, I’m fine with that. I’m looking at pushing through 1,000 Scottish beers very soon, hopefully before the end of the year. I have had beers from 118 breweries, lagging a long way behind the leaders in that regard. My Scottish beers average 3.2, unsurprising maybe.

The Scottish Breweries I have had most beers from are –

  1. Brewdog, Aberdeenshire – 104
  2. Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh – 82
  3. Williams Brothers, Clackmannanshire – 55
  4. Harviestoun, Stirlingshire – 39
  5. Belhaven, Dunbartonshire – 32

My best Breweries with highest ratings with 5 or over beers are –

  1. Traquair House Brewery, Peebleshire – 3.940
  2. Tempest Brewery, Roxburghshire – 3.552
  3. Overtone Brewing, Renfrewshire – 3.545
  4. Cromarty Brewing, Ross & Cromarty – 3.511
  5. Fallen Brewing, Stirlingshire – 3.492

The Beers with the highest ratings from me are –

  1. Orkney Dark Island Reserve – 4.5
  2. Tempest RyePA – 4.5
  3. Traquair House Ale – 4.4
  4. Caledonian Deuchers IPA (Bottle/Can) – 4.3, wow, a very early rate.
  5. Houston Black / Tan – 4.3
  6. Brewdog 5AM Saint – 4.3
  7. Tempest Mexicake – 4.3
  8. Isle of Skye Cuillin Beast – 4.2
  9. Fowlers Gothenburg Porter – 4.2
  10. Tempest Emanation Pale Ale – 4.3

I have reviewed 52 places in Scotland, could have been many more I suppose, my favourites are –

  1. Hanging Bat Beer Café, Edinburgh – 92
  2. Cloisters, Edinburgh – 84
  3. Salt horse Beer Bar, Edinburgh – 84
  4. Castle Tavern, Inverness – 82
  5. Six Degrees North, Edinburgh (Closed) – 82
  6. Stockbridge Tap, Edinburgh – 78
  7. Blackfriars, Inverness – 78
  8. Moulin Hotel, Moulin – 76
  9. Brewdog, Edinburgh – 74
  10. Cobbles Inn, Kelso – 74

We will certainly be going back at some point, as long as I don’t have to listen to those darned pipes.


Scotland. Bloody hell, where do you start?

I’ve been to Scotland four times: the Isle of Skye (1997), Dumfries (2015), Edinburgh (2015 again) and Glasgow (2017). Obviously the first trip was pre-RB.

My Scottish rates tend to sit around 10% of my English ones. Currently I am on 391 (3995 for England). Despite the fact that it’s my second most-rated country, I’m nowhere near the top 50 of rates unfortunately.

BrewDog is by far my most-rated brewery in Scotland (and in general) with 128 (it helps having a BrewDog bar in town) followed by Fierce (22), Belhaven (20), Tempest (17), Caledonian and Innis & Gunn (15 each).

I’ve got a whopping 36 beers at 4 or above - a combination of over-rating a bunch of BrewDog beers early in my rating career and the general fact that there are some crackers from Scotland. The highest beers are:

There are also some great places to explore in Scotland, although I would imagine they get more scarce once one leaves Glasgow & Edinburgh (and maybe Aberdeen although I’ve not been). While I’d say without looking at my stats that Edinburgh is the better beer city hands down, I was surprised by the amount of Glasgow places at 80 and above:

Can’t wait to go back although we just haven’t been able to yet…


Were these copied and pasted from your RateBridge account?


I was nearly eaten alive by bugs at Glenfinnan Viaduct waiting for the train to come so i could take some photos. Worth it, but brutal! Lol

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#6 Most rated country for me with 260 beer ratings
Beers from 14 of 15 counties rated (Missing Shetland which apparently was not represented at the Real Ale Festival.)
Places from 6 of 15 counties rated
2.5 Festivals Attended - Scottish Real Ale Festival, Glasgow Real Ale Festival (where I was given grief over my English pound notes), and the half I’m counting as cgarvieuk’s kitchen table tasting which had far more costume changes than the official festivals :slight_smile:

Random Scotland Trip Nonsense:

  • I think this was the first international trip where we bought a local SIM card for our phones and it went poorly bc the person sold us the wrong card. Sigh.
  • I drew blood at the Bon Accord in Glasgow. I assure you it was a tall tale of adventure and not just a rogue screw on a bar stool.
  • This was the trip where I discovered my beloved Sainsbury’s / Tesco meal deals - The sandwich, snack and drinks deals that seem ubiquitous in the UK. The standard for a packaged sandwich is so much higher than in North America it feels like luxury to me! It is now a staple of trips to the UK for me. :slight_smile:
  • This trip was my favorite ever rental car - an Elantra hatchback called an i30 or something like that in Europe.
  • A wrong turn on the drive from Loch Ness to Aviemore lead to one of Mabel’s travel catchphrases - “F**king roundabouts? Again?!?”
  • We were smart enough to abandon our Quirang hike in poor weather, but unwisely climbed Arthur’s Seat without water on a hot day.
  • Holyrood 9A served us pistachios from Fat Man’s Nuts.


  • My top rated Scottish beer was a bottle of BrewDog / Mikkeller I Hardcore You shared at fonefan’s 50th Birthday in London
  • Of my top 10 rated Scottish beers only two were consumed in Scotland (BrewDog Libertine Black Ale at BrewDog in Glasgow, and BrewDog Dog A in Aberdeen)
  • Most rated Breweries: BrewDog 47, Innis&Gun 18, Belhaven 17
  • Highest Rated: Brewdog 3.57, Harviestoun 3.56
  • Rated 45 different Scottish Breweries. 2 Cideries

Have 416 rates from Scotland, it’s my third highest country and my top Scottish rating is shared by BrewDog Paradox Grain 2013 (15%) and BrewDog Abstrakt AB:22 both at 4.2

Brewdog dominates my top Scottish beer ratings, and is my overall most rated brewery on 159.

In terms of cider, Scotland has a surprisingly high number of Cideries with 18 active, Thistly Cross Cider having the most listed with 28 entries. A personal favourite is Caledonian Cider up near Inverness who do some great whiskey barrel aged ciders (my highest rated scottish cider is their Caledonian Cider Islay Cask at 4.1), although Novar Cider beats them for being the most northerly cidery in Scotland and the UK.

I lived in Edinburgh for afew years in the early 2000’s (staying in Portobello and working near Tranent) which was when I first started making lists of the beers I’d tried (that eventually led me to ratebeer) and have done quite afew trips around Scotland over the years. The last trip included a stop at Dunbar in East Lothian where Thistly Cross are based, also visited Cairn O’Mohr and Lost Orchards cidery near Dundee.

Have managed get ahead of the local raters when it comes to Scottish cider, and the top 5 raters for Scottish Ciders and Cideries are:

ScotlandCider Ratings



Loved all those snippets but this was my favorite


It was our first time on a large multi-lane highway roundabout and because we took the wrong exit we hit like three in a row, and then had to turn around and go through all of them again :slight_smile: We are starting to see them much more often in Canada now but usually on a much smaller scale. It also seems like they somehow show up far more often when Mabel is driving than when I am, which adds to the amusement for us.

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You’d love this one.


SO Ive been out drinking with scotland number 1 rater quite a bit, so ive been lucky enough to have had some great stuff.

my Top 5 scottish are

Swannay Orkney Porter 4.7 3.69 3/30/2009 9/12/2020
BrewDog / Nøgne Ø / Mikkeller Black Tokyo* Horizon 4.6 4.09 8/31/2011 12/28/2020
Tempest Mexicake - Brandy Barrel 4.6 3.71 4/7/2017 5/14/2021
Black Isle Organic Export Oatmeal Stout 4.5 3.35 12/18/2008 12/24/2018
Swannay Imperial Stout 4.5 3.68 9/17/2012 11/25/2019

The Orkney Porter has to be in Cask, the bottles are ok but the Cask just blow it away , so much i stopped drinking the Bottles.

Ive one bottle more of the Black Isle Organic Export Oatmeal , but it boudn to be way past it now :smiley:

I dont know how to get any more stats


OMG That’s hurting my brain looking at it from an overhead view let alone trying to drive through it! LOL What do the dashed lines mean? Do you stop at those? Does it indicate a direction of travel?

It doesn’t help that I have to re-orient to driving on the left too.

Scotland is my 6th highest-rated country at 530 rates, putting me at 45th highest rater. Have visited many times through my previous job, but really just to the main gig cities (Dundee, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh etc…). Have some great memories of that time. One that stood out was after arriving in Glasgow with a band, we walked into town for a coffee fresh off the bus. Standing at a set of traffic lights, the American band are chatting away, loudly. An old man also waiting turns to us, in his broad Scottish accent, “eh… so where are yous lot from then?” Band replies cheerily “Chicago sir.” Man replies “ah right, cool. Well yous can all fuck off back there then, can’t ya.” Lights turn to walk. Awkward chuckle.

It was only later that I’d return to Loch Lomond and Edinburgh for a few days, then recently mountain biking to Innerleithen and visiting Traquair House and Tempest breweries. The allure of venturing into the Cairngorms and Isle of Skye probably won’t be put off any longer and I’ll likely head over next year.

Top rated beers:

My Rating Avg Entered Updated
Holy Goat Goatsmoker 4.7 3.64 10/22/2021
BrewDog Paradox Compass Box 4.6 4.01 5/7/2015
BrewDog Abstrakt AB:19 4.5 3.79 12/16/2015
Black Metal Blood Revenge 4.5 3.32 6/4/2016
Vault City Raspberry Violet 4.5 3.81 3/12/2021
Traquair Vintage Ale 4.5 3.71 10/1/2021
BrewDog Hardcore IPA (9.2%) 4.4 3.86 5/9/2014
BrewDog Abstrakt AB:14 4.4 3.66 5/23/2014
Harviestoun Ola Dubh (16 Year Old) 4.4 3.86 12/16/2014
Fyne Ales / De Molen Mills and Hills 4.4 3.9 8/22/2016

I feel like I’ve not visited enough places to warrant a Top Places list, but I did like Hanging Bat when I called in for a single beer.

Top breweries: I’ve rated 212 from Brewdog, and will always have a soft spot for those early innovative releases as anyone would who was around at the time. Next is Vault City at 28 rates, who in my book make the best fruit sours in the land, if not the world. Surprised all the other breweries have under 10 rates, usually around 5 or 6 each. I want to try a lot more from Dead End Brew Machine who seem to be doing fantastic things, and Epochal’s experimental mixed ferm.


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