The weekly Stat Attack - 25 The Baltic States (10th April 2022)

Catch up time… hell of a write up above @Martinsh (and very interesting); are you auditioning for future stat attacks? Congrats on summiting Latvia.

Sadly I’ve never been to the three Baltic states. I would very much like to visit and hope to do so one day - don’t know when that will be though. I’ve been fascinated by them since first hearing about the huge human chain that @Martinsh mentions.

My stats for the three countries are appalling, to the extent that I can list every single beer I;ve had:

Estonia - 2 rates:
Põhjala Prenzlauer Berg 3.7
Õllenaut / VarVar Handshake 3.2

Lithuania - 2 rates:
Volfas Engelman Pasaulio Skoniai WIPA 3.4
Švyturys White - Baltas Hefeweizen 2.7

Latvia - no rates yet.

So… as so often for me, it’s a case of “must try much harder”.

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  1. I’m NOT auditioning for future Stat Attacks - Latvia is the only country I know anything about !

Congrats on summiting Latvia.

Thought you would like Gaizinkalns

Latvia - no rates yet.

I’ll try to remember if we ever meet up. I usually have a few in stock

Some TCBW tickets are still available: Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend - (not cheap, but there will be plenty of interesting beer, brewery list is here: It could be a good reason to visit Tallinn this year :wink:

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Personally I don’t think these 3 should be lumped together (especially when Luxembourg got its own week). I’m not complaining, it’s just that they all seem to have a vibrant beer culture. Either I’m going to have a long entry or 3 separate ones. I might do three separate ones. So here’s Latvia (why not start with the one in the middle)?

Latvia was the last country I visited for a holiday. I was in Riga for a few days in 2017. Highlights for me were the Art Nouveau Museum, and the lovely architecture in the Old Town and beyond. I also benefitted culturally from the Latvian War Museum & the KGB Building but to say I enjoyed them sounds too flippant.

And then there were the bars. I really dug the craft beer scene, although it didn’t look like there was much outside Riga (I didn’t have time to confirm or deny this). Despite this, I don’t seem to have a lot of Latvian beers, only 18 (the fewest of all the Baltic States). Strangely two of my top five are from the widely available supermarket darlings Aldaris. So I think there’s a lot more to discover.

As far as bars/pubs/places visited, I managed to try 14 places, making it the fourth most visited country for me place-wise (next to England, Scotland and the USA). I really dug Alus Celle, which had beer from Alesmith and the then-independent Wicked Weed alongside European delights, as well as the ultra-touristy but very enjoyable Folkklubs Ala Pargrabs which had 15 or so taps of widely-available Latvian beer but did the trick.

I feel like I didn’t really engage enough while I was on holiday and it all went by so quickly. Must go back and do it properly…

Estonia & Lithuania to follow. At some point. Maybe. Probably.