The Weekly Stat Attack-30-Finland (15th May 2022)

Our 30th country finishes off Scandinavia (see what I did there?).

5 and a half million people live in Finland, they have more saunas than lakes apparently and there are 187,888 lakes within it’s borders. They also have loads of reindeers and Nokia stuff, but only one Santa Claus village, they also introduced the world to ‘Eukonkanto’ (google it if you don’t know). The country also produces fast drivers in both F1 and Rally Cars.

173 active Breweries, 39 closed on the database, 30 Cideries, 12 Meaderies and no Sake producers. We have some well known names on the lists below, most still rating on here too. In fact @TBone just reviewed the millionth place on RateBeer this very week.

Most Finnish Beers Rated

VastActiv 4276
TBone 4251
Kavu 3277
mjs 2993
Hermod 2976
Psytron 2960
FatPhil 2849
rosenbergh 2203
jookos 2201
laiti 2115

Top Raters in Finland

1 oh6gdx 26484
2 TBone 24899
3 olio 14537
4 rosenbergh 14035
5 tiong 13958
6 Hermod 13754
7 VastActiv 13380
8 laiti 10668
9 mjs 10409
10 Kavu 9066

Over to you, please help these weekly threads to continue, all and any contributions are much appreciated.



Finland, the land of sisu and very long words (making life hard for designers of multilingual websites)… Used to spend a few weeks every summer holiday in Finland when I grew up. Mostly northern part, but also in the Mikkeli area. Yes, we did sauna almost every evening! This was before I was of legal drinking age, though.

Only 25 beers from 12 breweries from 7/19 regions. Some nice dark beers rated, and I do like the few sahtis I’ve tried.


I’ve only 2 ratings from Finland (both lowly rated pale lagers) and have never been there

Surprisingly there are 30 cideries in Finland, with Kuura Cider (Brinkhall Sparkling) having the most listed with 19 entries

The top 5 raters for Finland Ciders and Cideries are:

FinlandCider Ratings


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No mention of Moomins ?

I also have two tastings and both are collabs. And the scores are contrasting.

|Pyynikin / BrewDog Tampere Dead Sunshine|3.8|
|Maku / Bone Machine Maku Machine Sea Buckthorn|2.9|
The Imperial Stout clearly impressed in terms of aroma and flavour, but the NEIPA was only slightly more popular with me than in Finland itself.
Apparently wife tossing is a sport in Finland which may deter my other half, although she has been to Turku and knows a few words of Finnish. I am more deterred by the size of the mosquitoes in the summer and they swarm like Scottish midges I am told. Since I emit a very strong “come and get me” signal to all mosquitoes, Finland is off my list.


Hey! I can login again! :smiley:

21 ratings, 3.42 average puts it at 17 most rated country and #8 by average, both of which are higher than I would have guessed. Tickeed 7 of 19 regions, no place ratings.

Top 5 Ratings
Hiisi Iku-Turso Imperial Stout 3.8
Pyynikin Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 3.8
Maku Double IPA 3.7
Malmgård X-Porter (Huvila X-Porter) 3.7
Bryggeri Helsinki Sofia 3.7

All shared by Timo from Finland who connected with us when he visited Toronto a few years back.

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@Martinsh beat me to it.


Moomins Moomins Moomins.


Loved the Moomin books when I was a kid (still do actually). Snufkin was a bit of a childhood hero of mine. Didn’t like the TV show/films though.


Never actually been to Finland, but it’s a place I would very much like to visit as it looks stunning - not sure when I’ll get around to it though. In the meantime I’ve only ever tried two beers from the country, so here’s both my top and bottom two:


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I have 1406 Finnish ratings, which makes it my 7th most rated country.
I blame the low average of 2.71 solely in @oh6gdx 's efforts to overflow me with “interesting” stuff. :grinning:

Finland was actually the first northern European country where modern days microbrewing shot off. Remember being super impressed by breweries like Stadin in the 90’s. Seems like they hit more of a plateau phase when neighbouiring countries saw a dramatic increase. Given the proximity to Finland it is one of my most visited countries, and I have enjoyed numerous pub crawls in Helsinki and Turku, as well as som beer festivals and of course some infamous gatherings in the Ostrobotnian outback.

I have along list of high scoring beers:

Stadin Dubbel 4.5 3.01 6/17/2002
Plevnan Siperia Imperial Stout 4.5 3.88 8/7/2006
Sinebrychoff Koff Porter 4.3 3.85 1/3/2002
Huvila Porter 4.3 3.53 4/1/2003 4/10/2003
Stadin Vintage Ale 4.3 3.57 6/21/2007 6/25/2007
Malmgård Black Door H.O.D.A. 20th Anniversary 4.3 3.48 7/27/2015
Sahti Mafia 4.2 3.3 1/6/2002
Stadin Strong Ale 4.2 3.3 4/1/2003 4/10/2003
Beer Hunters Syntipukki 4.2 3.47 11/30/2010
Plevnan Siperia Imperial Stout 2010 Hanniku 4.2 3.85 12/25/2010
Hollolan Peura Pils 4.2 3.03 8/2/2012
Stadin Gasometer Midday IPA 4.2 3.34 7/26/2015
Ruosniemi Imperial Stout Single Malt Cask 2019 4.2 3.63 3/18/2021
Vixen Sorrow 4.2 3.24 9/23/2021

My most rated regions are the expected ones. But I still miss a single tick from Kainuu!

Finnish Regions (18/19) Average Count
Uusimaa 2.69 435
Southwest Finland 2.73 153
Pirkanmaa 2.77 150

My top rated breweries are:

Panimoravintola Huvila (-2009) Southern Savonia 6 3.57
Kvarken Brewery Ostrobothnia 15 3.34
Kahakka Brewery (Nordic Brew Craft) Central Ostrobothnia 13 3.34
Linden Brewery Satakunta 8 3.29
Panimoravintola Beer Hunter’s Satakunta 47 3.27
Stadin Panimo Uusimaa 64 3.26
Malmgårdin Panimo - Malmgard Brewery (MBH Breweries Oy) Uusimaa 36 3.25

15 rates, 6 regions and never been.

Top Beers:

Pyynikin Papan Vanilla Stout 4 3.35 11/22/2019
Finlandia Strong Sahti 3.8 3.19 5/30/2018
Stallhagen Pommern 3.4 2.73 4/28/2022


I have never visited Finland, nor have I ever had a beer from there - so very little to say. Except Moomins. And Lapland :santa:


127 brews from 39 breweries (and 1 cidery) across 12 regions. 5 Finnish beers in the cellar.

63 of the rates (+ the cellar beers) are from Uusimaa.

Two breweries in double figures: Coolhead (14 + 4 not had yet) and Salama (19 + 1)

16 place ratings. All from Helsinki. The highest rated being Pien at 80.

My Top 5 beers:

My Mother studied English at Uni in Oulu so got a summer job in Farnborough. The rest is history.

49 of my ticks were when I finally got back out to Finland after having joined Ratebeer. Plus two trades. The pre-Brexit trade was successful as I managed to get hold of numerous Oulu beers. In fact - I’d never noticed this before - but I am #39 for North Ostrobothnian ticks. 2020 trip to Oulu has now been pushed back to 2023.

Pick up all the Coolhead and Salama I can now that they get distro here, plus Baltic Porters and stuff claiming to be Sahti. Did manage 5 Sahti in Helsinki. The main drawback of last year’s BBNo Riverside Beer Fest was that the two Finnish breweries were late arriving so not on during the first session.

By the way, can anyone tell me which image I doctored for me profile picture?

(Also, harking back to a conversation at a tasting on Friday, Finnish beers don’t often score siper high but that seems to mainly down to Finns using a less generous scoring system than other countries.)


Only 6 rates but from 5 regions. Most rates came from @VastActiv who would buy Sahti on way to airport and then I’d meet for in person trade immediate upon arrival in NYC to get back in fridge asap. Most ratebeerians I’ve met is due to my style ticking ways. Haha

I did watch the following Finnish shows on Netflix Bordertwon, Deadwind and Arctic Circle.


Just the 49 ratings from 26 breweries for me, 12 / 19 regions ticked off.

Top Ten:

My Rating Avg Entered Updated
Malmgård X-Porter (Huvila X-Porter) 4.3 3.66 12/8/2018
Tuju Stout Export N:O 2 4.1 3.59 12/3/2018
Hiisi Iku-Turso Imperial Stout 4 3.73 2/8/2016
Vakka-Suomen Prykmestar Savu 4 3.34 7/30/2018
Hiisi Herraskainen 3.9 3.41 2/8/2016
Fat Lizard Blacktop Porter 3.9 3.41 2/8/2016
Beer Hunters Mufloni CCCCC 3.9 3.65 8/24/2018
Pyynikin Cloudberry Saison 3.8 3.18 11/12/2019
Pyynikin Black IPA (8.5%) 3.7 3.4 5/14/2018
Stadin American Session IPA 3.7 3.36 7/17/2018

Thanks to jjaappp (or however you spell it) for slinging me a load of beers in a euro trade, bolstering my ticks somewhat.

Been to the country a number of times. First taste of Suomi was helping a friend move house from North London back to Helsinki, which involved me driving her with a couple of friends to keep me company on the drive back. Was a fun trip. I learnt words like Moi (hello) and Moimoi (goodbye) and experienced the overnight Stockholm-Turku ferry for the first time, which basically turns into a student party boat on Summer weekends.

Been a lot in my touring years, always to Helsinki then back out next day, but once to Tampere and I have a feeling I made it up to Oulu once.

Only been once during my ‘beer years’. Quick couple of days in Helsinki then up to see Santa in Rovaniemi. Recall walking round Helsinki zoo in -19c. Only went to a few bars, Villi Wäinö, Brewdog and Olhus Stockholm… all fairly quiet when I was there early Jan, but pleasant enough. Couldn’t for the life of me find sahti over there, but thankfully @japppp delivered the goods and sent me a huge bottle back in 2018.

No plans to return but would like to explore the far north by bike in my semi-retirement years, being careful not to incur into Russia of course.


My first visit to Finland was back in the early 80’s as a kid when we during summertime drove to Karigasniemi in Northern Finland. Our nearest destination abroad when visiting my grandmother in Northern Norway. In recent years I have mostly visited Northern Finland/Lappland when driving from Southern Norway via Sweden and Finland to Porsanger/Lakselv in Norway. In 2014 I did a solo trip by car from Turku to Kirkenes in Norway. I visited Tampere, Imatra, Savonlinna, Kuopio, Kajaani, Suomussalmi, Saariselka and more. In 2019 I did a major pub crawl in Helsinki.


I’ve been to Finland a few times, but mostly for short stays, so my 87 rated beers are hardly a very impressive number. And relatively few Finnish beers have been imported to Norway.

These are my Top 10:

Sinebrychoff Koff Porter 4.8 3.85 3/22/2003
Hiisi Iku-Turso Imperial Stout 4.6 3.73 4/29/2019 4/29/2019
Pyynikin Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 4.1 3.83 6/25/2019
Suomenlinnan Coyet Ale 4 3.1 3/20/2003 7/16/2006
Pyynikin Maj Stout 3.9 3.46 5/22/2017
Mallaskuun Pikkulintu Stout 3.9 3.15 4/26/2019
Lumi Chef’s Breakfast 3.9 3.31 4/26/2019
8-Bit (Finland) Pacman Porter 3.8 3.33 4/26/2019
Pyynikin Isoportteri 3.7 3.45 11/18/2016
Beer Hunters Mufloni CCCCC 3.7 3.65 6/15/2017
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been thrice, many years ago, and as an adopted Yorkshireman I didn’t do much drinking, as in all the Scandinavian countries. Had a fair few delivered to home during lockdowns when Beerdome was an option though, especially Coolhead, amazing sours. 22 beers total in the country, and 26 at home, poor showing really

Prices are pretty similar these days.

Hmm. Was this to be the last stat attack? :cry: Starting to miss these already…

I must admin I have lost interest because of the poor responses and negative replies, so stopped bothering. Happy for anyone else to take over.


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Has anyone really been negative about it? I think they have been great.