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These new regional splits are annoying

Being a stat geek I am getting frustrated by all these new regions popping up; place reviews being my main bug bear, especially when we can’t travel.

I had (and still have) a German road trip planned for 2020, taking in Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, my last two German areas I have not visited yet.

I now find there are three Belgian regions that I’ve not reviewed a place in; Scotland even more, in fact I’ve only got four different areas covered.

What am I to do? I’ve even got eight English counties to tick off place wise as well.

Coping OK beer rating: had a mini-tasting session with myself yesterday, just need to travel again and get some new place hits.


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Just grow some Jeremy FFS !

You’re chirpy today!


maybe I had a mini session with myself!


My mission in life has been ruined: To get 100 from each region. I must change it to 10 or 1…
I think its a good thing to get more regions though…

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All the stuff that needs to be fixed on RateBeer and everyone kept pushing for regional splits, well it has happened. Deal with it! :slight_smile:

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Yes, it means we can play with our toys whilst the adults do grown up stuff :grinning:

I’m sensing some sarcasm in the title of this thread - don’t know BH very well, but just maybe …




Same «problem» for me :tired_face: I have a fair amount of place ratings in Scotland and Ireland, but only two regions… (Seems like little Ireland are going to be split in (too many?) regions soon)

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Read the thread … 4 provinces means no Northern Ireland split.

Why is 26 too many ?

Low population yes … but 26 counties … how would you do this differently ?

I do not think it can be done differently. Some small contries just seem to be divided in way to many regions. Maybe I have to see more of the Irish countryside and do some more place ratings in near future :thinking: :grinning:

Could be there are some counties with no breweries … I’m interested to find out once we start rolling it out … I’m going to guess maybe 4 or 5 perhaps ?

Nothing new … there were always a couple of Canadian provinces with no brewers 6 or 7 years back.

But always the chance some will come along in the future … there were lots of new breweries cropping up in Ireland 2017/18/19 but imagine Covid has put pay to all the growth.

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