Thesis Idea, please read

Hello Ratebeer,

My name is Stefano and I am currently following a course to become a Zytholoog or Beerexpert/Beersommelier at Syntra Hasselt in Belgium.

For this course I need to write a thesis as part of my examination, for this thesis you can choose whatever subject you want but it has to have beer related. One of my ideas for this thesis is the introduction of a beer related YouTube channel.

The idea is that I will combine some of my hobbies into one and will feature destinations where I will travel for vacation or where I live and beer related information into one. Think like The Thirsty Traveller meets travel channel… Maybe even some videos where I will talk about a beer i have had.

So a quick idea(Really the idea is in its infancy…),
-Video showing locations in the region the video is about and showing beer related locations in the regions maybe with tours around locations like breweries etc.
-Video with Beer reviews.

Also I would like to create at least some sort of miniseries containing the entire production cycle for beer, so what I want to try I so visit a barley farm and a hop farm, visit a malt house, visit a brewery and visit some pubs.

Maybe even expand it to barrel ageing, and then the whole history around where said barrel comes from… ok I am really getting ahead of myself.

Once again, it’s all in a state where i am brainstorming about this but all help is appreciated and all input can help me in creating an idea that would both be an awesome thesis and an awesome project to try.

All in all my questions to you are:

  1. Would you be interested in a channel like this? (even with an English spoken Dutch accented host?)
  2. What would you prefer to see?
  3. Are there things you would not like to see?
  4. Have you got any ideas I have not mentioned in this post?

You can post your comment in either this reddit, or email me to Zytholoog (@)

I would love to hear your input and maybe help me making this idea come true.

Kind regards


I think your thesis is missing a thesis.

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Haha, well it doesnt have to be a university grade thesis. I couldnt come up with a better word yesterday.

All in all, what you have to do is write an X number of pages on a beer related subject, starting a blog, combining beer and chocolate or even the history of one small micro brewery etc etc…

But im still thinking it through, was a random thought.


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@jackl omg… i really should wait with posting until im clear in my head. so many mistakes…
Yeah i was brainstorming and copy pasted this from my reddit post… fail.

Fail is how we learn!

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Fail rhymes with ale!


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Let me know if I can help, I work in a beerpub in antwerp x)


I want that baseball cap.