Things opening back up?

Rustico in Ballston seems to have ramped nearly back up to full menu, and are doing 4oz pours again – deez tickz are back! Still no word about Churchkey, though I heard through the grapevine they might be planning for July opening? I guess they don’t really care what with Shelter open? Also, Shelter is doing 4oz pours as well…

Ditto Other Half last time I was there.

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Since we don’t have New England forum I’ll play along. Haven’t made it here yet but like half hour away Armsby Abbey just reopened a few weeks ago. Here is today’s draft list making me drool

I went to that place once a couple years back.
Amazing beer selection for a relatively small place in the middle of nowhere.

Based on social media posts, a ton of local (at least NOVA) places are basically ditched everything and are only adhering to whatever they legally have to.

Haven’t been to anyplace recently. I’m really slacking. I don’t think it’s burnout since I haven’t been going hard for over a year, but maybe I’m just stalling out. I made it to Norms Beer and Wine recently and was overwhelmed by the selection, I mean, I didn’t even know where to start. I hate to say it, but I think there may finally be too many options. And they’re almost all hazy IPAs that taste basically the same. And they’re all 5 bucks a can.

Yup, was at Norms and felt the same way. I got a couple of $5 cans, and scrounged around for some old school $2-3 singles, and that was about it.

Apart from being sick of haze, it’s also priced me out for the most part. My upper price limit for a haze tick is like $3. Still not as low as my $1 price limit for a pumpkin beer tick, but getting there…

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A few of the beers I really want to try are also not available in singles, which means I’m going to have to get a 4-6 pack of it. For some beers that’s fine - I’ve gotten a few really solid lagers that have been good for after I’ve done yard work.

But for many beers, I’d rather have 4 similar (but different) ticks than 4 of the same beers in a 4 pack, especially if I’m paying $18+ bucks a pack.

Ya, for sure. Doesn’t Norm’s let you break packs? I’ve done it a lot there.

Galaxy Hut is now open again, full tap list with 4oz pours. I just saw Sovereign’s FB page says it’s hiring, their webpage said they were hoping for late June but given they are still looking for kitchen staff, maybe that was a little optimistic. Other than rumours heard from old staff, all I still know about Churchkey is late July

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I am going to Virginia tomorrow. Is Galaxy Hut a spot worth visiting?

It’s kind of just a cool hole in the wall with decent taplist. I wouldn’t say a must hit if in town for limited time, especially now that Shelter is open, but a cool neighborhood bar. Used to be higher up on the DC area list, but a lot of places with better beer menus have opened since then. I live pretty close to it, so that’s why I go. It’s a sister bar of Space Bar, same owners I think, which is near Dominion Beer and Wine and the new Solace location.