Things you'd rather pay $35 for besides a bottle of Cascade

  • Three six packs of better but easy to find beer
  • A full tank of gas to the nearest great brewery, plus one beer there
  • Two to three 750 ml bottles of Allagash or Jolly Pumpkin sours
  • Two bottles of Pepto Bismo and some Tums
  • A case of lime juice, and your extra fruit of choice
  • Like 100 Bud Lights
  • Five to six shwarmas, depending on tax and local prices
  • A guidebook on traveling the Belgian lambic breweries
  • Nothing, and I’m offended by this poll

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Shame you can only pick one, so many good options in there


Not enough options.

You could always just write them in a forum post :rofl::rofl:

Ya good point, I forgot to put that option but seems I can’t change now

Option one, duhhh.

I loved ticking the bottles I had but if they were available locally, I reckon that they would be very rare purchases.

  • a crate of 20*0.5l of any Schlenkerla, including delivery to my house

  • 3 crates of Witzgall Landbier

  • 2 crates of Aventinus

  • 4 bottles of tasty and spontaneously fermented dry Spätlese Riesling

  • 1-2 bottles of any Ice Cider

  • 1.5 10l kegs of Lieberth Kellerbier


They are too expensive. I rarely visit the Barrel House (a few times a year), but the beers are always great. A shame that they have such high prices.


You’re invited to my party!

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3 bottles of local brewery wild/sour ales


Two cartons of piss

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A down payment on a 100 euro bottle of Cantillon?