Thinking of visiting Brussels - Beer trades from NYC?

Hi all, I’m looking to visit Brussels soon (been before, looking to hit up stuff I missed last time). I was looking to bring some US cans over to perhaps trade with some locals. I have a ton of cool shit like OH, Tree House, etc. Are there any local bars that would be excited to have someone come in with this, or maybe any locals that would want to do some tastings? If this would be enough, could totally make a can run or two beforehand.

Also, got a ton of spots to do but am always down for recommendations! Probably going to visit Bruges and Antwerp at the least.

Don’t have much to trade at the moment but if you come to Antwerp – could meet for a drink.


Would definitely be down. Do you have an IG? Mine is @panzerxiii

Nope no IG, I do have FB.

Gotcha! Mine is the same -

Shoot me an add!

If you make it to Antwerp, put beerlovers bar on your list. I’ll be your bartender whom is happy to taste some of these cans, as well as doing IP trades depending on the iso’s

When are you planning to be in Belgium?

Will do! Do you have an IG or something? Easier to keep in touch.

Currently, waiting on a final new job confirmation, but planning on Jan 2-11 as a whole trip and leave or take a day or two early to go to Paris.

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