This Beer's Packaging isn't Hurting Turtles, It's Feeding Them

SweetWater Brewing has dome something amazing and wonderful - and eco-friendly.


Did you mean this story from January: ? You know, the one that was mentioned on this very forum in April: Edible six pack rings for sea turtles

If so - you got the fucking brewery name wrong, it’s SaltWater, not Sweetwater.

So, a repost with added mistakes - RB has finally become as retarded as untappd.

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Wow, congrats on being a huge prick about it. Hopefully now you feel superior and smart.


Wow, someone is in a bit of a mood today…

I meant to write SaltWater. Must have been thinking of the brewery in Atlanta.

Don’t worry, the rest of us are not offended, even me, who linked the first post… Someone just appears to be having a bad day.

And on a general note, I hardly think the forums these days suffer from too much clutter… Just the opposite - not enough posts. So there is little call for being a grumpy douch since someone reposted a story they didn’t know was posted like 9 months ago (and which even I had forgotten about).

Christ, you can’t even insult me correctly. The word is ‘douche’, for pity’s sake.

Fair enough. I bow down to your superior knowledge on douches


Wew lad, you really got him there…

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