This feels like a big crash

Most of you will have realised by now that the site has basically crashed on the beer side. Certainly nothing has happened over the last 2 hours and there is no feedback from those in control.
Feels like a (the?) big one to me.

Everything appears to be accessible now, added a beer just fine from the brewery page, rated it.

The site’s back to normal it seems.

Crisis averted? Perhaps?

I had some log in issues so assumed somet work was being done behind the scenes.

I got in fine

Was playing up earlier this afternoon, but have managed to rate on ratebeer from earlier this evening to now, so hopefully all sorted.

Anyone else getting a blank RB home page at the moment? Like completely blank. I can load other pages fine once I get into the site so I’ve resorted to bookmarking the forum page pro tem. This is only happening in Firefox on PC. The home page loads OK in Chrome on my phone & tablet.

Yes, same thing here, so have been rating on my phone this evening… need to get to 500 IPAs before the style re-categorisation hits!

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Firefox on phone is fine.

Microsoft Edge: Blank page, but Google Chrome seems to work ok.

The little bot who monitors the top-100 raters page to count 1000000 ratings saw the site down for about 6 hours earlier (1pm, 3pm, and 5pm UK time). That’s a page that doesn’t seem to be tweaked with, so it wasn’t just a failure to scrape, and I presume that the whole site was down at that time. However, it’s back fine now, I presume he turned it off and on again.