This is a beer site right?

I have decided to start ‘ticking’ cider, mead and that Japanese stuff; no reviews, just a tick and number.

I have years of ‘ticking’ to catch up on, but will do no retrospect 'ticks’, just when and if I have one of the said beverages.

Hope this offends a few people!


welcome to the dark side. i was a beer purest at first then was at a Japanese restaurant drinking sake and figured may as well rate this and down the rabbit hole I went. Trying to get 10 of every non-beer style is no easy task here’s where I’m at

Cider 71
Mead 34
Saké - Junmai 29
Saké - Ginjo 19
Saké - Daiginjo 16
Saké - Nigori 15
Saké - Honjozo 14
Perry 12
Ice Cider/Ice Perry 10
Saké - Namasaké 10
Saké - Genshu 10
Saké - Tokubetsu 10
Saké - Taru 9
Saké - Futsu-shu 8
Saké - Koshu 7
Saké - Infused 7

I love a good Cider/Perry, Ice Cider/Ice Perry, or a good Mead. Saké is hard to appreciate and hard to get good examples of, but I try to get them when I see them and they’re not ridiculously expensive.

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I seem to recall you travelling to California sometimes if so you can hit this annual event in San Fran and tick up to 250 sakes. Ive always wanted to go but timing doesn’t work for my job

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Not had many Sake … not a fan.

The only one I recall appreciating / being impressed by was one that Mark @KyotoLefty brought to share at the GBBF a few years back.

It was older than me … a 1973 vintage IIRC.


Cheers for the info @Jow.

I can only imagine my headache the morning after such an event, but I bet it’s great fun on the day.


My wife saw some Ciders/Perry when we went to check in to hotel here in England. She said she might start trying them, which would mean I will be able to tick a bunch more. I would like to get at least 1 rating in all styles, but Sake isn’t very easy outside of Japan and I have to be honest that they aren’t my favorite to drink so I don’t seek them out either.

Yea I went to scotch whisky fest in NYC once and the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown and the following day didn’t feel terrific someday I’ll learn pacing but still worth it.

Sake is gaining steam in lower 48. NYC, San Fran, Miami and pretty sure Seattle and Vancouver. I love the stuff though but the issue is you get what you pay for many times and the cheap stuff can be headache inducing rubbing alcohol. My advice go to a decent Japanese restaurant and just ask for a recommendation they should point you right direction. Like beer styles and quality can vary

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All good points that I will take into account.

How can there be that many kinds of Sake but only 2 kinds of Ciders (Cider and Ice Ciders)?

Love cider
Love perry
Love mead
Love sake

Amazed at the variance in flavours you can get with sake.
Sometimes a cider is just what you want on a hot day or if you have been cycling. And ice cider is just the drink of the gods
I feel the need, the need for mead
And a good perry made with perry pears that smells of film developer and has tannin that strips your gums off your teeth is a thing of beauty.


short: historical reasons. (history of ratebeer, that is, not history of Saké and Cider)

Agreed cider and mead should be broken out further I need more goals anyways.

What would be the categories? I feel braggot should definitely be one. What else would we do for ciders, not knowing much about them…

I’m not an expert but the cider association has Fruit Cider, Spiced Cider, Hopped Cider, Wood-aged Cider, Sour Cider, & Ice Cider. Not sure if we would want to have any regional type categories as well.

For mead perhaps Sparkling Mead, Braggot, Melomel, Cyser, Spiced maybe some others

Probably should somewhat parallel beer categories. Wood aged is not separated.

Sparkling (natural) Cider, Flat Cider, Crackling (carbonated) Cider, Liquorous Cider (Cidre de feu), Ice Cider, Rosé, Fruit Cider?

OK, I have had a shitty cider, how do I tick it?