This Place Sucks

Factually wrong, plenty of people who do. If you don’t and some you know don’t, well, good for you. And even if it wasn’t, would be okay to make it at least a functional scoop repository.

Aight, thanks for the info. I’ll try to repro it somehow.

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Eh, went to RB on a laptop I don’t use Chrome on normally, went to RB, then to Places, logged in there, completely fresh, on Chrome 117.0.5938.92, Windows 10. After that went to Add a beer - no issues.

Can you access, say, Community pages or do you robot if you try to enter them? Any other page where it just logs you out even if you log in through the old site apart from the add a beer one?

I can access community pages. The issue only occurs when I try to look up and/or add beers. The old site, the community pages, the new site’s forums, etc. are all fine. Again, only an issue on my PC. When I try to look up and/or add beers, it keeps telling me to log in over and over and over again, despite, having access to the aforementioned pages.

*and despite having logged in through the old site in the first place, and not the regular one, just to be 200% sure, since I haven’t seen it specified (sorry if you’ve already said so).

Is log out working for you (when it seems that you’re logged in)? Can you try doing that, then going straight to, say, Places, then Add a place to log in, then, without hitting back at any point, going to Add a beer?

Does this link work when you’re logged in? Slightly different URL, just in case.

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The answer to your first question is yes. I’ll check the other stuff when I get back on my computer after work tomorrow.

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Please pardon the redundancy but I’ll repost what @joet sent to me:
Go here to log out: -- Sign Out
Then go here to log back in:
Hope this helps someone. It helped me.

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Ummm yeah, no

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Logging out and logging back in seemed to fix the issue for me. Thanks!


I’ll give this a whirl at some point this weekend. Thanks Marko, the site is a better place with you involved and keeping us disillusioned assholes in check!


Thanks man, appreciate it! I feel like bloody Sisyphus 90% of the time and I’m not the only one, let’s hope that enough things out of the content admins’ reach happen that the feeling finally feels misplaced…

And @b3shine - really glad to hear it! I believe it will work - it’s definitely an issue of the cache+cookie type in a way.