This way RB is not gonna attract new users/customers

So yesterday i was asked by a couple of visiting beer lovers about good beer places in a city close to mine. What i suggested them was to check the ratebeer list for the city. This one actually:

So now they know exactly where they can go… they can go and **** theirselves!!!

This was already mentioned in this thread:

RATEBEER HAS A MAYOR BUG THAT NEEDS AN URGENT FIX. This hyphens/brackets bug is disabling one of the more important part of this site: place listings. There are brakets and hyphens in lots of locations all over the world, so in this cases place listing won´t work.

Sorry for posting this again, but seems that the claims in the previous link had no answer yet.


I second this. That there regularly (or for long periods of time) are issues with special characters and punctuation is kind of a joke. Special characters not taken care of for a long time showed carelessness towards any other language than English, and the bracket-bug in the places database just shows how this section of the site is getting abandoned before there’ll be a possible rehaul. But that’s fine, no way people are planning their holidays around this time.

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Other bug with places :

If I click PLACES, CANADA, QUEBEC I get to this page (with all the cities listed and working fine)

If I go in one of the listed place page from here (ex: any place in Montebello), and then, from that page, I click on the link
Home/ Places/ Canada/ QUEBEC/ Montebello
I get instead to this page which return no result at all.

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It works for me, from the first link you posted I click in any name and I get results

Same here.

From the link on the OP I also get results when I click it, or is the problem that they should be more bars etc?

When I clicked on it earlier it showed no places. Maybe it’s been fixed?

That would be a first for RB, something to get fixed in only a couple of hours after being reported :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
@Lowenbrau do you get any results now?

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I get those two places, but there are around 40. Maybe some admin ftry to fix individual places. It happened for some other cities in Spain, where our local admin modified places one by one.
As for example:
If you browse to places>spain>oviedo you get this:

But you are missing the two best rated ones, modified by our local admin when we reported, that right now are unlisted:

Why was my post brought up? I’ve tried to help as much as I can with the EXTREMELY limited free time I’ve had these last months, and I have nothing to do with the developer-caused fuckup and cannot do jack fucking shit to make them fix this shit faster - and whether they consider it a priority or ignore it, we don’t know.

I’ve pointed out the issue to Joe and the other devs, and I’m hardly the only one who’s done that. Any claim I’ve had in that tread was not related to this particular issue. We who help help with what we can. And with this - we often cannot help.


Marko, please, don´t get me wrong. I know that you, teddybeer and some ohers have pointed this issue out, and i´m thankful for this, but this new post is just to o try to get RB bosses attention. I´m perfectly aware that admins work hard, but in this case i think this is out of their control, so programmers must do something.

try clicking the highlighted QUEBEC link. Does this work for you?

Nope, from the page with the review it doesn’t work, it only does work if I am on Montebello page (for example) and then clicking on Quebec, then it lists all the cities.

Ok same thing here… that’s the bug I meant from the beginning :stuck_out_tongue: