Thomas Hardy's Ale 1968

I’m the lucky owner of a 1968 Thomas Hardy’s Ale. A ‘C’ bottle in excellent condition.

Does anybody know what they are worth these days or if you owned one what would you be trading it for?

Thanks in advance.

This comes up in the forums a lot. These are pretty abundant and aren’t really worth much money. But they are fun beers to drink. Give it a shot.

The 1968 Vintage is abundant? Really? Where? I am not sure that is the case.

Yeah, really.
The 68 comes up from time to time on Ebay and never sells for less than >$100.

Insane bro! Really?

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So this should be worth a grand or so,right? :rofl:

Yes, because 1995 < 1968… :roll_eyes:


1968 is the first year this beer was released from what I understand. It’s the OG.

I saw it go for about 125 GBP on an auction site in 2015, but that’s all I’ve seen.


Did not know that. Thanks! Figured any Eldridge Pope TH was cool/ rar.

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Slightly off-topic and I’m probably showing my relatively young age but that is so weird to see UK Imperial units used for measurement of beer as recently as the 90s. I had to Google them to see what they equated to as they only time I’ve ever seen oz used for beer is American cans/bottles but of course they’re different ounces to ours.

For anyone else numerically/imperially challenged like myself:
11.15 oz = 330ml
6.33 oz = 187ml (1/3 pint)

Back on topic, I’ve never drank a beer this old. Does it even still taste nice after all these years? Quite a lot different to a fresh one I assume?

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Perhaps not as often as they used to come up. But $100 sounds right. I did not think that was a lot of money for a 50 year old beer.

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would be a great gift for the Kulminator.

I’ve had plenty of old beers. Some age better than others but generally don’t get better. More of a nifty experience/experiment than anything. I still have aged beers rotting away in my cellar. More of a waste of money than anything. Drink fresh beer for maximum enjoyment or at the most let them age for maybe a year or two max. MHO.

It’s widely regarded as one of, if not the best aging beer in the world. Per the brewer they say it’s good for 25 years.

Clearly the 1968 exceeds 25 years, but this beer is not a trub can nor a pastry stout.

I have a large Thomas Hardy’s Ale collection. The 68 is rare, especially if in good condition. But I don’t think it’s worth much more than $100. Tough to say these days in a auction situation. If you ever want to trade it, let me know.


Interesting Thomas Hardy Ale news

The oldest vintage I had was a 1977, 36yo at drinking time.
Considering the extreme age, it was still more than decent, but clearly not as good as a 10-15 old bottle.
If you ever decide to open the bottle, give it some time to aerate before diving into the glass.

Regarding the FB link, I’m very sad about this new incarnation of Thomas Hardy’s.
I thought that the 2nd one (O’Hanlon’s) was pretty good (mind, they don’t age s well as Eldridge Pope’s), but this last one is really not very good.


Maybe we would have said the same for fresh EP or O bottles?

Btw, I’ve had a few 70s, 80s, 90s,and aughts. Stand outs for me…1991 and 2003. Ymmv.

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