Those around you in the Ratebeer top raters list

I am currently sat at 160th, on page two of the mega list.

I have been in and around that position for about 3 years, some go whizzing past upwards while a few who have stopped rating are caught and overtaken.

Of the guys around me I have met only one; Sigmund, who also attended the Barcelona RBESG in 2016. I have sent posts to Nisse666 thanking him for his place reviews on the isle of Lefkada, which he kindly replied too.

Otherwise they are just names on list. Shame really, those of us staying need to communicate more, on the forums (not bug everyone by beermailing them), do you agree or disagree?

Maybe you know everyone around you on the ‘mega list’?


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pleased to say I’ve met both the names mentioned.

and totally Rb might be a rating site. but its the community that’s really made it special for me

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I know one within 3 of me!

@garrold and i are within two places on page three of the big list. Both been on RateBeer for a similar amount of time and passed 6,000 rates last week.

Sitting at #795. Of regular users and one’s that I know…

Maintaining pace and seems to go back and forth with Sarlacc83.

GTAEgeek seems to be holding me just behind him but I may catch up.

CH-303 is behind me but could potentially pass me up sooner than later.

I seem to be climbing faster than being passed. I would guess that by the end of the year I’ll be in the top 620. and Top 500 by end of next year. Currently need 3,800 rates to be there. I would like to get to the Top 500 and after that no real desire to keep pushing. Although at the rate people are leaving I may one day end up in the Top 100.

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To stay in the 150th’s/170th’s slots, over 1,000 rates a year are needed.

Just saying!


I am Mr 1K.

With your ~600 per year and my 300-350 per year, it’s doubtful I’ll ever catch you.

But I think I have gained 20 places or so since last time I checked, overtaking inactive raters…

Raters should start considering Vancouver as a destination.
Great IPAs, easily 200 ticks in a weekend, and meet 4 of the top ~25ish raters!


Are we? I didn’t know that. Page 3 stunners…

I’m 48.

Happy to know#46 ahead of me, @beerandblues21, and I’m glad to have recently met #51 crossovert.

What amazes me after looking at the list is that 1952 people have rated over 1,000 beers. I don’t know anyone from the site, but I do live in Monterey, CA, a tourist destination with a good brewery, Alvarado Street, and I’d be happy to meet up with anyone if they were in town.

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I don’t know any of those around me, on the 300s page, but I’ve met many at the top of that page. At one time I surfed at number 300, but just couldn’t keep up.

I’m currently on page 11 sitting at 1042nd position. Only names I recognise on this page are explosivedog and MacBoost, both of whom I coincidentally overtook in the past week or so. But yeah not met either of them.

Looking to the next page, the next username I recognise is Gary in 982nd position. I will overtake him in about a month or so at our current paces. I’ve not met him but I hear he’s reasonably ok in person.

It’s amazing how many names I don’t even recognise though, I guess a lot of people have left or simply don’t use the forums? Or we never drink the same beers…

Don’t know, don’t care. Most of the people I give a shit about on this site are either way ahead of or behind me in terms of overall ratings. If people are numbers to you, you missed the golden years of the site.

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Where has anyone said people are numbers?

Have a word with yourself.


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You’re talking about people in terms of numbers, relative to where they fall in comparison to you. You didn’t refer to them as numbers, but as you said after mentioning a mere two members, “otherwise they are just names on list.” So the answer to your question is you are.

Have a word with yourself.


I never met anyone from ratebeer and have never tried, but if anyone has a similar or dissimilar number of ratings in NYC let me know, and I will drink a beer with you or something.

I added you to my watch-list to better keep track. You can add some ground on me this weekend though as I can’t drink for a few days.

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