THREE scores now?

OK, I’ve read and I’m lost.

Consider Schneider Weisse Aventinus
next to its 4.07 rating are three numbers: 100, 10 and 0

The 4.07 and the 100 tell me this is a darn good beer (and it is indeed).

Do these scores say that it nevertheless scores quite low in its category, and has no 5-star ratings?

Westvleteren XII also gets 100,10,0 and it is the Platonic ideal, the perfect beer.

Where exactly are you seeing a zero score and 10? All I see is 100, 100 and 4.07

That’s what I see on desktop too. 100, 100, 4.07, 4 stars out of 5.

The 4 stars out of 5 things is dumb and you should ignore it. It has been calibrated to the numerical score and rounded to the nearest .5, so that all beers that score between 3.751 and 4.249 are given 4 stars.

Also, if you look at the brewery list you’ll see the score for Aventinus is 3.99 not 4.07

because one shows the adjusted and one the raw average but this is not noted on the page.

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Aha - browser fluke. It shows up looking normal (100/100) in Chrome, but on Safari the second 100 wraps to a 10 with a 0 below it – even when the window is full-width on my 27" monitor!

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I love too that on the search page it says 3500 “ratings”, and on the beer page it says “4500 ratings, 3500 reviews.”