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I’m planning on travelling to the Italian part of Switzerland in October.
Which beer places can you recommend there, with the main focus on the towns of Lugano and Locarno?

I’m not very familiar with the places down south, but I can recommend getting some bottles of Sottobisio and Officina della Birra. Broken City and Momo are a bit behind, but not far. Avoid San Martino if you can, they’re not what they used to be.

My only recommendation for a place visit is the restaurant “Le bucce di Gandria” in Gandria. Take the last boat at 5ish from central Lugano, walk up the hill to the the restaurant and enjoy a beer or a cidre from the bottle list - They have about 30 or so, also cidre from Vulcain. After dinner, take the olive path back to Lugano. This should also be doable in the current season, but take a coat with you…


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