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Time for another Yorkshire Git Stat Check

It’s been a while since we had a ‘County Stat’ thread.

Just add up your Yorkshire rates and let’s see how those of us who are still active on the forums are doing.

Here are my magnificent scores:

East Yorkshire at 30, puts me = 35th in the Top Raters List.
North Yorkshire at 232, and 23rd.
South Yorkshire at 130, = 22nd.
West Yorkshire at 285, and 38th.

Grand total of 677. 13% of my English Rates and 6% of my Total Ratings on here.
Only four countries score more heavily (and California) for me.


PS. I am sure @Mr_Pink_152 did a spreadsheet type thing last time I looked at this stat (just saying).


A much more modest range of scores of course.
East Yorks 17
N. Yorks 94
S. Yorks 78
W. Yorks 159
Grand total 348 which a sizeable chunk of my modest total ratings 3000+ which is overwhelmingly UK in any case. But it is still odd that West beats South given that I am Nottingham based and frankly a source of grief that this is so much higher than Lancashire will ever be.

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I blame Morrison’s, they are based in West Yorkshire!


And no foreign nation reaches the Yorkshire total, although the US has only a 100 to go!

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East - 7
North - 58
South - 9
West - 427 - puts me 23rd, just two behind @Mr_Pink_152 and 12 behind @Fin both of whom I am due to overtake by the end of the year based on what I am yet to rate.

TOTAL: 501 // 18.5% of my England ratings // 9.8% of my total ratings

Other than West Yorks which is my 3rd ranked county mine are surprisingly poor. Two of my favourite breweries are in West hence the massively disproportionate number of rates there. Where I’m top rater for North Brew Co and 2nd for Northern Monk. Before Magic Rock sold out I used to drink a fair amount of their beers too.

Like theprof no foreign country is anywhere close to my Yorkshire total. US closest at 360 and Scotland at 311.

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East: 9*
West: 58

So 107 or 3.9% of my 2,749 English rates and 2.6% of my 4,067 total rates.

In terms of counties West Yorks is my 12th highest and combined the results would be 6th.

4 other countries currently exceed it (US, Germany, Scotland and Belgium). Finland will exceed it when I drink my way through the recent trade I did.

*Covid meant I ended up not going up there this year to improve on the result for my old University stamping ground.

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Here we go

East 13
South 13
West 74
North 128

Which is 9% of my English rates.

What is amazing I have more North ratings than some of you , but really poor in the rest.

Wonder why ?


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I was going to suggest an update of the Home Counties stats but I see that there are debates over which counties should be included. Also doesn’t include Hampshire and I am not sure what I think about that.

But maybe a Wessex one…(in fact I have started working this one out for when we declare inpendence after a no deal Brexit).

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Might be cool to do one for each of the old four main kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England?
East Anglia

Mind you I’m not sure which modern day counties are in which kingdom.

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My stats for the Yorkshire counties are below:

County of Yorkshire Rates
East Yorkshire 105 7th in top 50
North Yorkshire 341 12th in top 50
South Yorkshire 226 9th in top 50
West Yorkshire 429 22nd in top 50
Total 1101
11% of total rates
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I think I did a table of the total rates for everyone in the top 50 for any of there 4 counties

Position Rater Total Yorkshire Rates
1 ManVsBeer 4529
2 imdownthepub 2270
3 fonefan 2058
4 cgarvieuk 2048
5 Garrold 1783
6 madmitch76 1563
7 Stuu666 1351
8 harrisoni 1312
9 Theydon_Bois 1172
10 mr_h 1141
11 DJMonarch 1124
12 Mr_Pink_152 1101
13 Leighton 1084
14 downender 1078
15 leaparsons 1078
16 allmyvinyl 1012
17 Rune 955
18 mR_fr0g 937
19 maeib 888
20 DruncanVeasey 880
21 s_hartshorne 784
22 Fin 776
23 deanso 751
24 RichTheVillan 688
25 Towey1989 683
26 BlackHaddock 677
27 Ungstrup 671
28 AshtonMcCobb 656
29 gegwilson 629
30 Finn 607
31 Scopey 597
32 Beese 575
33 yespr 552
34 zacgillbanks 549
35 anders37 548
36 chriso 517
37 MrTipple 477
38 Grumbo 447
39 LazyPyro 427
40 The_Osprey 401
41 jmgreenuk 386
42 danlo 379
43 joergen 375
44 Desverger 352
45 redders1974 350
46 planky84 329
47 chrisv10 302
48 oh6gdx 301
49 JohnRMurdoch 289
50 minutemat 281
51 jamestulloch 277
52 wigglyworm99 272
53 Rasmus40 224
54 saxo 221
55 teorn88 220
56 DonMagi 214
57 Svesse 214
58 SarkyNorthener 209
59 berkshirejohn 198
60 jamesie1857 192
61 johndoughty 186
62 rauchbier 167
63 jjsint 161
64 FatPhil 158
65 SilkTork 156
66 Mjp12 137
67 joe19612 128
68 niquillis 108
69 DanielBrown 101
70 MesandSim 98
71 alexmate 93
72 ladnewton 77
73 theprof 75
74 markas101 70
75 RichardGretton 68
76 hughie 64
77 daniele 41
78 HenrikSoegaard 41
79 SHIG 35
80 Hermod 32
81 martin00sr 30
82 mjs 23
83 Idiosynkrasie 22



I started doing Wessex based on Dorset, Isle of Wight, Hants, Wilts and Berks which are the original Wessex but it expanded to include Surrey, Sussex, Middlesex, Herts, Oxon, etc.

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I don’t make the list but I have 95 total!

West Yorkshire 51
North Yorkshire 35
South Yorkshire 7
East Yorkshire 2

West Yorkshire is my most rated county after Greater London. (Also most place ratings after London. I expect this is largely attributable to spending a weekend in Leeds for the 2015 Rugby world cup.)

If it were a country West Yorkshire would be my 14th most rated. (Yorkshire as a whole would be 9th.)

Random fun facts: Yorkshire is home to the favorite English football club of myself and Sir Patrick Stewart - Huddersfield Town Terriers - unfortunately I was forced to demote them in my list of my favorite club after they refused to sell me a ticket despite my having flown across the Atlantic. My current allegiance is thus to AFC Richmond. :wink:

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Well I’ve only 399 England ratings but I like stats so I’ll bite!

West Yorkshire 38 (Best rated: Magic Rock Fantasma)
North Yorkshire 11 (Best rated: Theakston Old Peculiar)
South Yorkshire 5 (Best rated: Abbeydale Deception)
East Yorkshire 0 (Best rated: f all)

Total Yorkshire 54 (13.5% of my England ratings and 9% overall. If it were a country it would go straight into second, 8 ahead of Germany)

I seem to be following a common pattern of higher ratings in the West. Predominantly for me this is through beers from Morrisons and Asda.

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Unsurprisingly, being a native, I’ve a few Yorkshire ticks.

W. Yorkshire - 726 (6th spot)
S. Yorkshire - 590 (1st spot)
N. Yorkshire - 431 (6th spot)
E. Yorkshire - a paltry 38 (no idea where that puts me).


So that’s 1785 in total, accounting for around 21-22% of rates.


Just to add in my tuppenceworth, for you all to chuckle at! I’m sitting at:

West Yorkshire - 16
North Yorkshire - 6
South Yorkshire - 1
East Yorkshire - 0

Since I’m currently on a grand total of 189 rates, God’s Country accounts for around 12% of my total. And if it were its own country (there’s plenty think it already is) it would come 3rd for me, above the US of A. This is all subject to change once I sort out my backlog of course, although not massively I wouldn’t expect. It’s an embarrassment really that I’ve nowt from the East and only one from the South thus far!


Wasn’t going to bother with this as my totals are so low, but if Reidyboy is brave enough to do it, I should be too

West Yorkshire 29
North Yorkshire 14
South Yorkshire 14
East Yorkshire 5

Total 62

As a country it would come 3rd after Latvia


Here’s mine:

West 176 = well below 50th

East 171 = well above 2nd

North 166 = 37th

South 110 = 26th

Total 623

So that’s about 8.5% of my England rates which is pretty much spot on Yorkshire’s 4 counties / England’s 46 (on RB).

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East Yorkshire: 24 beers, 47 in the top list
North Yorkshire 137 beers, 44 in the top list
South Yorkshire at 58 beers, not in top 50
West Yorkshire at 176 beers, not in top 50

So that gives me 395 Yorkshire beers. If Yorkshire was one county it’d be my top county. If this county declared independence from the UK it would be my second most rated country.


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