Time stamps on ratings

Hoping someone here might know the answer to this - when I pull a ratings export file, what time zone is the rating time stamp in? From what I can tell, for the past 2.5 years or so, the time stamp in the export file is 5 hours ahead of me (I’m in the central time zone in the US) during daylight savings time, and 6 hours ahead of me otherwise. In late January 2018, it appears that changed, as prior to that point it seems like the time stamps might be only an hour or two different than my local time, but I can’t be sure of the direction - might be Pacific, might be Eastern, not quite sure yet. It also appears that the date displayed when viewing on the website may be different (my local time) vs. the time stamp in the export file.

Any help clarifying this would be appreciated!

Depends where the server is. For a long time I’ve believed it’s in the Texas USA time zone.

Helpful, thanks. Hoping I could get someone from the admin/technical team to weigh in with the answer - this should be knowable with certainty.


I’m in California. The rating server clicked from 8/18 to 8/19 at approximately 5 PM PST.

UTC is 7 hours ahead of CA right now, so rating server time seems set to UTC.

Agree, that makes sense currently. I’m in CDT, and its 5 hours ahead of me, so that jives with what you’re seeing. Thanks for checking! I’m still interested in what it was before January 2018, though, as that appears to be different.