Tiny Rebel 8th Birthday blends

Ok so I know we can’t add blended beers on Rate Beer. And I completely agree with that policy. But Tiny Rebel have suggested we all combine in our own way there 8 beers. That’s about 40,320 combinations when combining 3 or more beers.

So have you tried the beers and any interesting combinations

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Have done many blends at the end of tastings … usually good impy stout and normally with success

Weren’t there 4 specific pairs that they suggested though?
As far as I know there aren’t any kegs/cans of pre-blended beers therefore everything will be done post- and thus be invalid on RB and Untappd etc.

Anyway I wasn’t too impressed with most of the 7th birthday beers so I opted not to bother with the 8th bday set. I don’t plan on seeking them out either.

This could be the world’s greatest trove of ticks… If only they were allowed!

I agree they are blended at home or in a bar. So not included on RB although I have seen them on untapped.

The official pairings were

Screwface & Fizzy Bubbly: I wasn’t keen on this blend the lemon in screwface seemed to overpower the lime in Fizzy Bubbly.

Not So Fast Round Boy & Shake ‘N’ Bake: again wasn’t keen just found too much going on.

Paradise City & Holy Hand Grenade: I actually preferred this blended to separate. The herby lemon complemented juicy citrus and subtle coconut.

Here Gose Nuttin’ & Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive And Dluce: I liked these the most individually and probably the best blend of the four.

However I did try Shake N Bake with Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive And Dulce. This blend really worked and for me it was the best blend.

All 8 have appeared on tap at Taphouse so might try them out today (but not to blend) :slight_smile:


Ah those good old Master Blender times. <3

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Actually, all 170 or so bars were required to offer the 4 specific blends in addition to selling separately. I went to a local bar who were doing it, and some were buying the blend under a specific name instead of individually.

There’s an argument here that this qualifies; the blend is being sold, rather than the buyer just blending themselves (altho of course that’s what they’d do at home if buying the cans).

I agree, tho, selection seemed heavy on the novelty. I wasn’t impressed by most.

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I seem to remember that there is precedent here in that blends sold on that basis in US bars have been deleted/made unrateable. There was a thread a while back discussing some bar or other and someone wanted to know where their ratings had gone.

255 combinations by my calculations.
C(8, 1) = 8
C(8, 2) = 28
C(8, 3) = 56
C(8, 4) = 70
C(8, 5) = 56
C(8, 6) = 28
C(8, 7) = 8
C(8, 8) = 1

The sum of those give 255, which is basically 2^8-1


Well my maths was a bit out! I went with 8 Factorial but I will bow to your superior knowledge.

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basically if the blend left the brewery its rate able. if bR did it.(or you) then get to Falkirk (@harrisoni)

If it’s a in-keg / in-bottle / in-whatever blend, it’s rateable. If it’s an in-glass blend (black and tans etc.) it’s not.

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Agreed. To be honest so many of the beers are so notable by themselves, I’m not sure what blending them would achieve.
I quite liked the coconut vanilla IPA one.


Oh and Craig how are you getting on with the new app now it has offline functionality??

Moved Fully to the New app. Love the fact you can search the offline line ratings,

Prefered Erics Drop down to the slider. But like how i can use basic and then adjust in expert (would still prefer drop downs though)

The Only real problem i have is sometime i think im search the next beer but im actually linking the prev off line one, and thats been a bugger to fix on the go,

But on the Whole pretty happy

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Really pleased as it would have been a bugger to have lost you as a Rater due to the lack of app ability. I too have now moved fully to the offline version. Will miss my temporary Google Sheets home for offline but happy to be back in one environment

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Ive def slowed down on the ratings, but hell i just brought back 100 from Orlando. So cant stop now :smiley:


Went through all 8 at Taphouse on Saturday, overall I thought mostly pretty decent…

|Fizzy Bubbly|3.2|
|Shake ‘N’ Bake|3.4|
|Here Gose Nuthin’|3.7|
|Not So Fast Round Boy|3.3|
|Holy Hand Grenade|3.7|
|Paradise City|3.6|
|Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive And Dulce|3.8|

Was not expecting it but enjoyed the “Imperial Blackcurrant Pastry Gose” :slight_smile:

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