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Tiny Rebel 8th Birthday blends

Ok so I know we can’t add blended beers on Rate Beer. And I completely agree with that policy. But Tiny Rebel have suggested we all combine in our own way there 8 beers. That’s about 40,320 combinations when combining 3 or more beers.

So have you tried the beers and any interesting combinations

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Have done many blends at the end of tastings … usually good impy stout and normally with success

Weren’t there 4 specific pairs that they suggested though?
As far as I know there aren’t any kegs/cans of pre-blended beers therefore everything will be done post- and thus be invalid on RB and Untappd etc.

Anyway I wasn’t too impressed with most of the 7th birthday beers so I opted not to bother with the 8th bday set. I don’t plan on seeking them out either.

This could be the world’s greatest trove of ticks… If only they were allowed!

I agree they are blended at home or in a bar. So not included on RB although I have seen them on untapped.

The official pairings were

Screwface & Fizzy Bubbly: I wasn’t keen on this blend the lemon in screwface seemed to overpower the lime in Fizzy Bubbly.

Not So Fast Round Boy & Shake ‘N’ Bake: again wasn’t keen just found too much going on.

Paradise City & Holy Hand Grenade: I actually preferred this blended to separate. The herby lemon complemented juicy citrus and subtle coconut.

Here Gose Nuttin’ & Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive And Dluce: I liked these the most individually and probably the best blend of the four.

However I did try Shake N Bake with Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive And Dulce. This blend really worked and for me it was the best blend.

All 8 have appeared on tap at Taphouse so might try them out today (but not to blend) :slight_smile:


Ah those good old Master Blender times. <3

Actually, all 170 or so bars were required to offer the 4 specific blends in addition to selling separately. I went to a local bar who were doing it, and some were buying the blend under a specific name instead of individually.

There’s an argument here that this qualifies; the blend is being sold, rather than the buyer just blending themselves (altho of course that’s what they’d do at home if buying the cans).

I agree, tho, selection seemed heavy on the novelty. I wasn’t impressed by most.

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I seem to remember that there is precedent here in that blends sold on that basis in US bars have been deleted/made unrateable. There was a thread a while back discussing some bar or other and someone wanted to know where their ratings had gone.

255 combinations by my calculations.
C(8, 1) = 8
C(8, 2) = 28
C(8, 3) = 56
C(8, 4) = 70
C(8, 5) = 56
C(8, 6) = 28
C(8, 7) = 8
C(8, 8) = 1

The sum of those give 255, which is basically 2^8-1

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Well my maths was a bit out! I went with 8 Factorial but I will bow to your superior knowledge.

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basically if the blend left the brewery its rate able. if bR did it.(or you) then get to Falkirk (@harrisoni)

If it’s a in-keg / in-bottle / in-whatever blend, it’s rateable. If it’s an in-glass blend (black and tans etc.) it’s not.

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