To Free Beer Week or to not...that is the question

With all the changes over the last year and seemingly decreasing forum participation, especially from most of our bigger reviews and forum posters, is free beer week still worth hosting, as even last spring before the changes, participation was drastically lower.

  • Yes, and I would participate.
  • Yes, but I would sit out this year.
  • No, it’s no longer fun or forum use is down too much to make it matter.
  • No, I never have participated.

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I would be happy to accept free beer. :slight_smile: I am not sure which option that falls under. :wink:

I’m torn. Wasn’t participation already considerably lower last year? I think it would be down even further this year. The camaraderie that used to exist here just isn’t there anymore.

That said, this was one of the cooler things that happened every year. I’ve won a few and given a few over the years. Probably wouldn’t have the time to participate this year, unfortunately.

I think the best option would be to run it and see how participation is. If no one offers anything up then we can all be depressed about the death of RateBeer and move on with our lives, I guess.

I’ve missed out on this up until now. Can somebody explain what this is?

People post free beer “contests” in the trade forum. Anything from “Guess my favourite ______” to “Free beer for the person that posts the best chugging video.”

In the past we’ve had (I think) close to 100 contests over the course of the week. Great fun if a lot of people participate, obviously.

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That sounds grand. Would be in if shipping wasn’t an issue.

Adding to what @blipp said.

Many years ago there were sporadic free beer contests throughout the year. Then several years ago, one week in March one contest was posted. And then another. And then another. I don’t know how many went up that first year but enough that we made it an annual event. As blipp said, we’ve had dozens in some years. @stefansd1 can chime in with numbers, most likely.

For me, this became one of the greatest things about RateBeer. One of the things that made us us. I hope we continue it. I say we let it happen if someone volunteers to do the tracking. If no one can volunteer to do that, and we get only a few contests, then we should probably stop organizing a free beer week.

I concur with everything said. Here are the total number of contests and host from previous years.

2011 - Roughly 60? (no master list)
2012 - 94 (StefanSD)
2013 - 119 (StefanSD)
2014 - 72 (StefanSD)
2015 - 70 (HuskerTan)
2016 - 40 (HuskerTan)
2017 - 25 (HuskerTan)

Strong first 5 years and pretty sad the last two, especially last year. I’d be more than happy to create an event and get a spreadsheet put together and continue to do the tracking this year. See how it goes and if it’s down right awful, then maybe it’s just a thing of the past or try to revamp it a couple years down the road. I’ve certainly had fun every year with it both giving out boxes and receiving. Always thought it was part of what makes this community so great and special. I’ll plan to get something started and throw it up this weekend.

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Here is the Event Page

Here is the beer contest sheet

I will get a special thread started and pinned later on this weekend.

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It’s good if you’re in the US as that’s where 99.99% if it was limited to last year. Only remember one European (UK) one.

There may only be five people playing, but at least those five will have a good time.

A condition of my contest will be the winner must hold their own contest, so hopefully that will get one more.


Charm, I’d be happy to send you a free beer, but you would have to know a little something about chili peppers first.

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Beardedavenger- Most people who are shipping free beer don’t want to pay more in postage than the beer is worth to ship across the pond. It would be great if more Europeans chimed in on their own terms. Seems the future of RateBeer lies with the international crowd.

Did this ever happen?

Yes, there were three contests this year.

It’s a year later, so I won’t hold you to that, but if you’re still willing to send it, I’m still willing to drink it. :slight_smile: I don’t know a lot about chili peppers, but I do like spicy foods, and did once drink a beer that had some hot peppers as a special ingredient. So, I’d be up for drinking another one if that’s what you’re getting at. If you actually want me to answer trivia questions about chili peppers, though, I’d fail, as I don’t know a whole lot about them. :slight_smile: If you want to issue a warning like “Make sure you’re by a facet with unlimited cold water available in case it’s too much for you the first time you try it” or “Have milk available in the fridge if you can”, I’d take that seriously and make sure that I do.

I gave the last beer away in the UK one in 2018. I think it ran for about five different ‘questions’ with the winner starting the next round.