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Todays Poll, What do you think will make RB gain Market share


I want an automated way to have my RB ratings synchronized with UT. That’s really all. Then I can comfortably keep using both. RB shouldn’t want to be UT, and vice versa.

One more thing: RB should really quit messing around with the live site when they want to try some new features on the site. Making the site unusable at total random moments is not helping.


Ratebeer logo and url on Budweiser and other Belgian beer packaging.

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haha :joy:


Crazy right ? This idea is free and would reach millions of people. Crazy, like a fox!


just watch alll the 5.0 bud ratings roll in

but actually uo the min rating count to 25 or 50 and I’d actually get behind that


Sure. Need to change minimum rating count to 100.

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my ‘other’ is to think more commercially.

FI, the bar I work has 'untappd for venue’s ’ ( don’t kill me just yet )

it’s a program where we, as a bar, pay 500 euro’s a year for very good marketing. We can update our beerlist instantly online, and whenever we change something , people that follow us get a notification on their smartphone. This means, that any new beer we add, (about 10 a week ) is instantly seen by thousands . on top of that, we always appear first when people look for places nearby.

Ratebeer could have easely done something like this, but hasn’t . The availability is a mess here, sometimes things get added, but never deleted, and by far not everything gets added everywhere.
Ratebeer needs to come up with something that is very benefitial for beers ( brewers ) And/or bars, without screwing up the score system. If than, they could ask money for this feature ( to the brewers and or bars ) . This will automatically mean promotion !

A good app is somthing i hear a lot too, from the pro-untapp’ders, plus the fact that untapp’d is more easy ( and more known ) . How about some adds here and there (FOR ratebeer, I don’t mean ON ratebeer )

The big pro we have is that people (even untapp’d ers ) still use our site , and our site only, too look things up. untapp’d is just not trustable. Perhaps we could play that card out ?


Totally aggree with this:


Yeah, my local has that with Untappd. Great feature.


Yeah that’s a really nice feature. Ratebeer could have done it yes, but unfortunately it really doesn’t have a big enough userbase to be able to sell something like this to venues. The reason Untappd can do this is because as you point out, literally thousands of people will see the new stuff. Ratebeer doesn’t have “thousands” of people following certain brewers or venues. Over the whole site yes there are thousands, but localised… nope. Sadly it just won’t work. User base has to grow first. I think this would be too one-way at first, in that it may help drive people to use Ratebeer, but it won’t drive Ratebeer users to the venue because there aren’t enough of us yet. Venues will realise this and won’t want to pay money as they won’t see themselves able to profit from it.

We users ourselves are partially to blame here aren’t we? Whenever we submit a rating for a beer, the availability screen comes up allowing us to say where we got the beer from. I have a feeling most people are lazy and don’t bother doing this, because if they did it wouldn’t be such a mess. In the app, they have that “Beer Spots” thing now so it seems like it’s a feature they are going to push a bit more which is great, we’ll have to wait and see how much it gets used I guess.

Also, places can have affiliated users attached to them, yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen an example of any who actually add to the list of beers available. If I were a bar or bottleshop owner I’d want this as up to date and complete as possible so if by chance a user is searching for a particular beer they’d come to my place to get it. I don’t know why others don’t take a few minutes to do this, maybe it needs to be incentivised to them somehow.

Yes and no. NEVER point out your competitors weaknesses, it makes yourself look weak. Always point out your own strengths. For example look at any US presidential election, they never tell you why to vote for them, they tell you why the other guy is shit, it just turns into constant shitslinging at one another, no positivity comes from this.
RateBeer should focus on its strengths - in comparison to Untappd yes this can absolutely be the trustworthiness and detail in our reviews and ratings. There could be something for bottleshops and bars to display for Top 50 beers or something too… I don’t know. But at least get change those dumb “shelftags” that show the percentile scores - most people don’t understand these. Just show the weighted average out of 5 stars, much simpler for customers to see and understand.

Some of this public facing stuff could be problematic now that ABI have a stake in the company. I know it’s only a minority stake, but many don’t understand what it entails or don’t even care, all they know ABI have horrendously unethical business practices and don’t trust any company associated with them. Many people will assume Ratebeer to now be biased towards ABI’s brands and disregard beer scores here. Public perception in this case could be difficult to change now that such a profoundly hated company is now a shareholder, regardless of whether or not there is evidence to support or debunk any bias.

I honestly really do hope RB can continue to grow and make something good out of all this apparent increase in site traffic, but I do think they have a tremendously difficult task in doing so.


i hear thats becoming less true, as ratebeer is missing too many beers, that are on untapped.

also don’t think RB could have done what untappd did. as it was never about where you had a beer. so that info just wasn’t common enoy.

untappd is as much about i had this here as it is about the score

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Actually, I am affiliated user to the pub I work, and do add beers there from time to time. But with a medium of 10 new beers a week, ther result just doesn’t live up to the amount of work it’d be to get the list 100 % correct. Whilst, on untapp’d, people do use this feature. Hence, if our total database would get better with ‘what is where’ , the act of keeping it 100 % correct for my pub at least, would be worth the time… Now, even if I do so, I don’t think anywone would check it , really.


Don’t sell out?


Got 'em!


I have also seen in the (old) forums people say “it’s RateBeer, not AddBeer and beers should only be added if they are rated”. I personally think this is short sighted, but i do follow the rule.


I can confirm that this policy is not applied by admins and I would consider it obsolete.


I apply it.

I also delete beers which get retired with zero ratings.


I know this is gonna sound dickish and I’m not gonna go into too much detail here, but I honestly believe that what would help Ratebeer the most would be more of a focus on beer and the enjoyment thereof, instead of being all about ticks and statistics.


So let me get this straight. Admins/mods/users like @marko1 are busting their asses off trying to add every beer produced in the region and wider (and is doing a great job).

But moderators like you are deleting (possibly the very same) beers because you “read it in the old forums beers should be added only if rated”?? WTF??

Yeah I guess the logic let’s make people enter beers multiple times makes sense. We have enough users, mods and admins with nothing better to do rather than enter beer all day.


I think you should check. Ive been told thats an old policy, and while at time it annoys me as it makes my stats harder. When beer that only exist in potential are added. Ie on website but no one has ever seen or know for a fact they have been made yet. Seen plenty new breweries list beer they havent made yet

If the Beer exists it should be on the DB