Tokyo Advice

I’ll check the resources on here but any updated suggestions are highly appreciated. I will be there on March 4th.

Damn, looks like a lot of the RB stuff is out of date.

What?? I am shocked!

Where is @KyotoLefty at these days?

Most Tokyo guys have left RB. I try to keep the Kyoto and Osaka places up to date, but Tokyo and Yokohama can be problematic.

Check for more recent reviews of brewpubs and bars.

Also is adding lots of new material.

Hope that helps.


Also, you should always recheck the location of any place on their own website. No matter how many times I fix the coordinates, RB still finds a way to screw up the maps in Japan.


Yeah, I’ve already picked up on that. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions for breweries I should seek out in stores and bars?

TDM 1874 is great. Go to their taproom in Shimokitazawa.
Inkhorn is a good new brewpub in Mejiro.
If you like lagers, go to Yokohama Bay Brewing in Yokohama.
If you are into hazy stuff, the super hyped guys now are Uchu and West Coast.
Ise Kadoya is also doing lots of unique stuff.
Kyoto Brewing is always solid.
Shiga Kogen / Tamamura Honten remains probably the best and most consistent overall brewer imo.
Lately I like Two Rabbits, Yorocco, Kobo’s lagers, AJB.

Will you only be in Tokyo?

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Primarily, we may take a day trip to something touristy (e.g., Kyoto).