Top 10 of each region of metropolitan France : beers & ciders of Normandy and Brittany

  • The 13 regions of Metropolitan France in alphabetic order :

  • Ciders :

Of course, there are other ciders in France (especially in Pays Basque but not enough for the moment to make a proper ranking.) Cheers, Vincent. Date : 2021, April 23th.


Thank you for compiling that.

Nice to see some friends on those lists, also great to see names that didn’t appear on ‘Leader Boards’ before the new regional roll outs.

My name isn’t to be seen, and I doubt it ever will for a French region, unless I go crazy and buy loads somewhere when coming back from a road trip to Germany or Belgium.


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I have never really done the Provence area, mostly because I didn’t think there was a beer scene down there but having helped out in the roll out I’m heading South as soon as we can!

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Good work Vincent. Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur is the one region I’m missing… this year when the boats start running I’ll be over to replenish my stocks!

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Honestly, that’s not easy to get beers from Provence as there is no big craft breweries such as La Débauche, Popihn or Piggy. If you asked me names of breweries from this region I would be very annoyed. I would tell Sulauze, and… :thinking:

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