Top 25 raters of each style now top 50

Great that my santa admin wish have come true…


Nice to see some enhancements in the stats! :1st_place_medal:


This was a split-second decision. It just seemed right.


Very cool. I would also love to see the “Most Top 50 Beers Sampled” list expanded to “Most Top 100 Beers Sampled” list.

(Maybe that’s for another thread…)


My top Want would be to have the List of Latest Local beer expanded from 10 to a scroll-able list or at least 50 as its not uncommon someone adds 20 new at a time, and the new beers are never promoted/visible


YES !!! This is the stat I was waiting for . only, I can’t seem to find it.

perhaps not suited to post here - if so I truly am sorry, But it’s been bothering me that some stats are very , very hard to find. FI the retired top 50 is - to the best of my knowledge - untraceable trough the ‘modernized’ top 50. Only if you click on the Ratebeer logo, you can go to the older style top 50 best beers, where the link still is in the sideline. It’d be nice to have all these stats easy accesible on one single , easy-to-find-page.

Anyway, can someone pls send me a link for this stat? And a big thnx to who-ever made it

I can’t find it either.

Breaking down more countries into regions would be nice.

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Click the community tab in the top blue bar of this screen and you get all the leaderboards


Ah, I see, I misunderstood.

The stat I was hoping to see, and how I translated the name of the threat, is the top 25 raters, of the most beers that are top 50 in it’s style ( combined all styles, I mean ) .

AKA You can for instance be top rater of 3 styles ( congrats ! ) but someone else might be in the top 50 of all styles their respective top raters. the second might end up higher in an overall list. That’s what I had hoped to see.

But that would rob @henriksoegaard from his hobby: making lists of obscure stats :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s perfectly fine by me if he makes it. i’m just curious for the results :slight_smile: getting a pretty good job at the top 50 overall beers, next goal for me would be tro try all 50 best by every style :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to admit this, but I am a bit of an OCD ridden ratings whore, but NEVER at the expense of the integrity of my ratings and I do periodic check-ups over time to maintain and calibrate my ratings. I suspect we all are completionists in our own way (Gotta drink 'em all, or at least try to). My most elusive list is the top 50 “Big Beer Drinkers” list. I keep fluttering around (my estimate) 75, give or take 15.