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“Top 50” indicator

Today I added and rated an N/A Wheat Beer (it wasn’t very good). Immediately after rating it the “Top 50” indicator popped up on the beer page. I don’t think this should be happening. Seems pretty stupid.

More Russian meddling with our voting?


Isn’t 2.6 a stonking score for a NA beer?

It should least say top 50 in this style, rather than implying it’s in the top 50 of the whole website.

And nothing should be in the top 50 without at least 10 ratings.

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Well i can see 2 options.

  1. The 2.60 real average score is used in comparison to the weighted score of the top 50 NA Wheat beers

  2. It’s one of the Top 50 “NEW” NA Wheat beers

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