Top 50 list Iran

The top 50 list of Iranian beers are complete bullshit! Among the top 12 there are 8 «beers» that cannot be rated, all of them from Istak. Lack of yeast I guess…
But, why are those sodas even at a top 50 list!!! RB, this is completely stupid.

I think that some algorithms will give strange results, if the data is strange. I doubt the site gives individual attention to things like top 50 per country.

How hard can it be to exclude non ratable from Top 50 lists?
Again I doubt if the kindergarden develipers manage to resolve that.

Probably more due to priority than absolute difficulty.

Seeing result of the other fixes I do not think priority is the issue.

Happy new year Nils :tada:

Happy new year Kjetil, were is best place tostand in Sandtangen, soon staring wlking.

If you go into these istak flavoured things you will se that they are marked as unratable.
But still there are people that manages to enter ratings on them, dont know how they are able to do so, not from web version perhaps from some app ?
There are other examples of this as well

This one is marked unratable
but still there are 115 of them

I think that ratings made before a “beer” is listed unrateable don’t disappear.

If admin makes it unratable correctly all the previous rating is automatically removed

I have no problem accepting that the rating registrateed before setting as non ratabel is shown after it has been set as non rateabel, and it should still show on brewery pages (thats still valuable info), but I have problems accepting that it is listed on top 50 lists as lon as it is non ratable.

If a U beer has a rating - then it will be listed in these lists because there is a score given .

Yes, thst why the query should exclude non ratable, how hard can that be for the dev team to change that select statement?