Top 50 of all time - minimum number of reviews?

Should the Top 50 - “of all time” be limited to beers which have 500 (or more / less) reviews as a minimum? It seems a bit strange to have beers with 21 or 43 reviews considered in the top eschalon with so few reviews.
Or am I just over thinking / being a snob?

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No. RB has major problems with detecting new and good beers as it is. There is a ratings slider which you can use to see top beers for minimum of 500 ratings.

Lowest I can see is Fundamental Summation with 51 ratings. It has almost 4500 rates on untappd so not exactly that rare.


Thanks. I hadn’t noticed the slider.

500? Beers never get 500 ratings anymore here…


I was just going to post this very topic. There are several beers in the top 50 with less than 50 reviews. This doesn’t seem right to me either. Also the number one beer has only about 150 reviews compared to Westvleteren XII which has about 3,500.

I definitely would support having a minimum number of ratings for inclusion.

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I can scroll from Min/Max 1-7000 on the website on my mobile…

Yes, this filter functionality is great - everyone gets to chose their own way of knowing what the world’s best beer is!


Yip, I like the filter at 2,000: I’ve had 38 of the 50 at that level.


Why not put it on 3000 then I have had 41.
Seriously if number counts just slide the filter bar for numbers and you got what you are looking for.
I do not see the point in this discussion.
I would much more add a filter for how many months since last rated at least then you can dream about mayby finding the beer.

My point really is that the Rate Beer Top 50 is viewed by people who may not habitually use this site. They might get a false impression of what the best beers in the world are if you allow beers with such a small number of reviews in the Top 50.

My point is let people deside for them self what filter they want to find the best beer.
We need filters like number of ratings, How long since last rated, Styles, maybe some more filters too.

Yes I do agree that when many has rated the beer as good it probably are good but people have different taste and all that. And acctually how wird it sounds a beer only rated by few might be as good as theier rating too.

Where is the slider?

I don’t see it on the desktop site just a filter that lets you filter to more than 30 ratings.


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