Top 50

This has not worked correctly on the beers page for a long time. Any chance you guys can fix this?


I think it works, but with a 10-20 sec lag on any change made (on my desktop at least)

However Top Beers Nearby…


Beaupré Original at 12% overall ranking first…WHY?

I was not clear; I am referring to top 50 for style. This has not worked correctly except from when this was feature was first started. Example: Haufs Dunkle Weisse is in the top 50 for dunkleweizen, but on its beer page it is not listed as a Top 50 for style at the top. There are examples that are listed as a top 50 for style, but are actually not a top 50 for style any more.

So this works for other people or this is not an important feature for other people?

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It hasn’t worked correctly in ages and was submitted several times, so people did care kinda forgot over the years. If I remember correctly the Top 50 thing is only recalculated when a beer itself is rated, so if it drops out and nobody rates it again, it just keeps the honoring badge. Stupid system, but that’s how it’s programmed right now.

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