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TOP BEER PAGE Feedback / bugs Update


Here’s what should be corrected and/or optimized:

Add this mention somewhere so people can see it clearly: TOP LISTS are made using the WEIGHTED AVERAGE SCORE, not the regular STAR RATING. Check our OUR SCORE page for details on how this works.

INTEGRATE THAT PAGE AS THE NEW BEER STYLE PAGE AS WELL. Just add the Beer description, top raters, … when we select a specific STYLE filter.

DON’T LIMIT THE PAGE TO TOP 50. Display the Top 50s by default but allow the user to click to see the next 50s (down the page, like reviews)… and so on.

The Brewer name should be included next/under the beer name

In the listings, we should clearly see when a beer is RETIRED

In the Sorting options, Add IBU

In the More Filters options, Add all kinds of SEASONAL

In the More Filter options, Add Show Beers with at least 100 Ratings.

In the More Filter options, Add Show only Beers rated by RateBeer’s Beer Gods (those with over 1000 total beer ratings)

In the TIME sorting options add CURRENT WEEK, CURRENT MONTH, CURRENT YEAR YEAR and CUSTOM (to add personal ajustable date span)

Remove those old pages format redundant links (which now would all work with sorting/filters options from this page, using the new format)

Top Sakes
Top Meads
The Worst Beers In The World
Best of the Beasts
Top rated beers
Beer Gods’ Top 50 Beers
Top big new beers
Top Seasonal Beers
Make it or break it
Top strong beers
The strongest beers in the world
The top ultralights
The top weekly
The top IBU
Top beers of the month

Also, put the remaining side links menu in a separate block or fixed at the bottom of the list because right now, this menu can get way too narrow before getting bumped to the bottom of the list.

@aww @services

And BTW, you already have a working STYLE FILTER here, what do you wait to implement it to the Brewer Page listing and Beer Search?

Same for the Number of Reviews being moved after the score instead of after the name in the Search entries…

@aww @services

Not sure if this belongs here, but when you go to Community, then top beer raters from a region (not in a region), and click on a region, it takes you nowhere, just back to the letter.
Aka I click M, click Maryland, and it goes just back to M rather than to Maryland. All regions are the same, at least on M page. @services

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Also, when I go here: Maryland Beer bars, beer restaurants and brewpubs

And click “top users from Maryland” it doesn’t take me to Maryland’s top users, but just to the main page that shows the regions. So you can never get to see the top users by region.

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Just checked, and this is also true of the top raters of region, not only top users from a region. So basically we can’t tell who is the king of a given region.

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I don’t know if joet has updated something since your post, but if you scroll down you can see the top raters/users in a region.

Ahhh, I think the issue is just that it’s so far down way under all the states and regions that I didn’t realize it was there. My bad

Wasn’t scrolling enough

The page did not used to be like that, so I can see how people would be confused.

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