Top by region needs checkmarked section for the ones I've had

Can we please bring this feature back? I’d rather see my state/province/countries deemed unworthy of ratebeer to split up into regions the same way I see the overall top 50, with checkmarks after the ones I’ve had. Right now that feature just throws back to the worst option of the three possible ways you used to be able to do this, which is the uncheckable 25 available and 25 made in a region.

I still like the travel list layouts a lot (though the fact that there is a 10% maximum makes the mostly useless for actually finding many of the top beer in a region). But right now I have no way of telling whether I’ve drunk a top 50 beer somewhere if it’s over 10% other than clicking individually through every name.


Bump @services

Thanks for the feedback. Which pafge is this? URL?

Hey @joet I mean the best by region, then in Canadian provinces (any of them).

All look the same as the way you go into it in email section, but I swear there used to be checkmarks for the ones I had before


@solidfunk do you mean these?:

If so, you can still use the advanced search, selct your country/region and then sort by highest rating.

Yes, but for some reason the regions don’t scroll down when trying to see the best in Canadian provinces now that I’m looking.

Also, the travel lists suck because they don’t include beers over 10%, which are often the best rated beers in an area