Top distribution contributors

I maybe one of only a handful of users that look at this page but…
It has been broken for at least 3 months. It stopped working sometime in December 2017.

Also I am an Admin but I can’t find the Admin topics any place on the new forums or I would have posted this topic there.


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apparently the forum is independent enough that one does not automatically see the admin forums even after becoming an admin…

I just gave you the highest trust level I could give you, but not sure if that is enough to see the Admin forums. Try to relogin.

I appreciate it. I still add and verify a good share of beers in my local area

I brought this up somewhere a while ago. I was in the top 25 or so, and now I’m nowhere to be seen, despite still adding contributions at the same rate. But this is Ratebeer, and Ratebeer is a shadow of what it was pre InBev.

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