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Top IPAs and DIPAs without hazies

Interesting the way the top 50 for regular IPA and regular DIPA is looking now. Almost like flashback to 5-10 years ago. Plus, the greatest thing - I’ve had most of them rather than the hazy IPA category which is based on a bunch of super regionalized ticks you’ll never have unless you go there all the time. And many of the IPAs I haven’t had on the list just haven’t been correctly recategorized yet (see a few DDH cloudwaters and trilliums, Tree houses lurking around in the regular categories still).

Funny, I’ve only had 4 with those being Two Hearted, Sculpin Stone and Union Jack. IMO these are also largely from small footprint brewers, with the vast majority not available within hundreds of miles of me. Also surprised that Fresh Squeezed didn’t make the cut.

Where do you live? Those are all pretty ubiquitous around the D.C. region

Well admittedly Alesmith, Great Lakes, Bear Republic, Cigar City and of course Founders are all distributed here in NC, but that still makes at most 10 of the 50.
Oh and I didn’t even look at the DIPA list as I have little to no use for beers that strong.

Still plenty of hazy beers in regular DIPA category

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