Top rated nearby? Seriously?

one image is better than a thousand words


oh dear

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Maybe only 5 people have drunk beers nearby and rated them on ratebeer? Maybe only 4 people, and one got keen and rated 2 beers?

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Yeah, it’s pretty much that.

Ho-hum. Anyway this has been an issue since July:

The fact that I’m still seeing a not-even-half-decent Lithuanian macro (Kalnapilis 7.30) that I rated in November 2017 on the “Top rated nearby” is a testament to the sheer unpopularity of RateBeer in my region (the 2nd largest city in Europe by population, largest if you don’t count Istanbul).

In fact, everything in Top rated nearby is either something that I’ve rated (and hence I don’t need to know about) or stuff that’s been rated by a Belarusian ratebeerian who occasionally visits the city.

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I think mine takes the cake:



O’Douls isn’t even a real beer AND it’s made by AB InBev. Yes, it doesn’t get better than that in terms of top rated beers nearby.

I’m the only rater anywhere near me, so all I end up seeing is beers I rated.

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That would in no way explains the top rated nearby I am getting.

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I am getting a new bug on this:

Apparently Crabbie’s is a top 100…

Actually, it is worse than I thought:

This unrateable beer is a 100/100.


I fixed the score, sometimes it just needs to be recalculated.

It is happening again:

I am pretty sure there is some update going on, since the bar is showing a mix of German and Dutch beers to me considering the German IP of my mobile and the Dutch IP of my pc. Let’s wait and see

This looks like it is fixed. Now I’m seeing beers with a style rating of no less than 70.

No more Lithuanian imperial pils with style ratings of 11.

But are/were those beers really nearby? Seeing there is Hoppin’ Frog beer up there.

Mine is fun because apparently I’m the only rater anywhere near me, so it just shows beers I rated.


They were a year ago, when a friend from RB visited here and rated them. Don’t know about now.

Anyway, I spoke too soon. It’s reverted back to the usual list.

Top Nearby works for me (though it’s not particularly useful given the scant data, even in nyc), however Top 50 just shows me 4 random beers. Considering the prominence of these elements—top nearby being above the fold on the homepage—you’d think a little more effort would be put into them, else they should be moved.


Interesting mix of brews there.

i always forget the front page exists

Yeah it actually took me a minute to remember/figure out where this even was.