Top Raters in a Region

I know it’s title says ‘Raters’, but the lists do not include anyone who only ‘ticks’. Shropshire for example does not show @AndyTF2 who has over 450 ‘ticks’ to his name but no ‘rates’.

Asking if it is worth mentioning, just to bulk out those stat lists in general?


Yes and no … so someone has taken the time to rate beers and chase top 50 county spots to suddenly be dumped out overnight by including tickers.

How would you like that ?

Some folks take those top 50 county spots quite seriously.

Way ahead would be default to raters only … toggle switch to turn tickers on / off if you wished.


Ah … you mean based in a region Jeremy.

Yes - I see no problems with that at present bearing in mind the active users in the UK but this could bump active raters out of highly populated regions such as California.

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I have no problem with that but insist that any changes should not apply to Surrey.


It does randomly apply as to which stats ticks apply to. I appear in breweries and regions but not rater numbers. I’d like it to be able to toggle between to.
I’d definitely appear in Top 50 in quite a few UK counties.

Worth keeping note but I guessing most of effort going into spliiting countries at present