Top Raters not working

I got 45 of their beers, but not making it.

are you sure, I think you had 17 of their beers, the others are Contract Brews so they count for the Client Brewer, not the Contract Brewery
(but the number showing on top of the brewer list includes all beers, own beers + contract beers…which don’t count on the Top Raters…I reported that bug since the release of the new brewer page…)

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Looking at the matches of beers you’ve rated for that Brewery the total number is only 17 which includes any beer with that Brewer ID, same as the top list.

Where are you getting the value of 45 from?

Services @ RateBeer

183 beers brewed

You have rated45 beersfrom this brewery

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Getting that from the page:

Did you check if all 45 beers are their own lineup? Contracted Brews are WRONGFULLY included in the beers you have rated from this brewery, but the real number is correct in the Top Rater list.

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