Top Raters of 2022

Three from Shropshire in the top 50!

At least we were at 22:00 (Californian time) on 5th January 2022.

Well done me, @minutemat and @reidyboy.



Wow, I’m thrilled! It won’t last though, those are mostly 2021 catch-ups so give it a few weeks and I’ll be back well down the list - but I’m clinging onto the glory for as long as I can. Well done fellas

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I had a big backlog catchup once and was no 1 rater for the month 2 weeks in.

Then I was overtaken by the usual characters by around 400.

These leaderboard are all a bit pointless if you ask me

Spoil Sport!


They give a fairly accurate reflection of who’s rated the most in a year.

I’d say 45/50 are normally a true reflection of a years rating.

There’s always a few who join the site and dump backlog (I’ve seen as much as 7/8K) and some folks who return to the site with backlog.

I was top five when I looked at it. Barely top 50 now. I am confident i will not achieve the predicted pace unless there is a miracle cure for COVID by the end of February. :smiley:

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Yeah @jercraigs, you’ve fallen off the list already. The Shropshire three are still in there, although I am heading into the wilderness for a few days (Jochua Tree National Park) and will not be posting any rates for a while. Doubt I’ll reappear in the top 50 once I leave it.


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