Toulon anyone?

Third largest city on the French Riviera and not a single place review.

Surely there is something of interest for me?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Remember there are more sites than RB !

Just search Toulon

First hit

La Cervoiserie de Toulon - La Garde, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur - Beer Menu on Untappd

Already looking mate: TEMPLE BEER - TOULON | Bar near me | Book now

It may yet be a decent visit, other places are appearing!


Only going to be there for a day, and almost everywhere seems to be shut on a Monday including the huge market (yes, that’s my day).

I hope to find a few North African type ethnic stores and grab some exotic new countries, and a decent French beer shop so I can tick off a couple more regions if possible.

Only got told today that our ship will call at Toulon instead of Marseille during the cruise (we sail on Sunday).

All other ports (including Marseille) are covered beer wise.


You’ll probably find an amazing cavernous bottle shop and then discover it shut for a 5 hour lunch break.


At least they have a brewery that seems worth checking out:


Went to Toulon myself a few years back and yes, it was shut and that was a Tuesday as I recall. Most of France is shut on a Monday.

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Or Wednesday’s. has a beer cellar

V&B Toulon La Valette - big chain throughout France. Usually have a biere artisanal section, I’ve picked up a few gems, some craft from French islands, Serbia, Croatia and other stuff. Only drawback is they’re usually based in out of town retail centres, so you’ll need a cab.

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Managed to find a decent bottle selection in a wine store, will add it onto the data base when I get round to it. Also found another beer in a random tourist shop. The bar I wanted to use didn’t open until 16:00 (even though it’s facebook and web page said 13:00) and we had to be back on board the ship for 17:00, so didn’t get to see the place actually open.

The only North African mini-mart I found (hoping for new country ticks) was closed, just like @BeardedAvenger and @minutemat predicted!