Toxicity bullying in craft beer industry

An impressive read. Made me thought. I copy here the link to the Google doc as Sori’s website crashed for all the accesses today.

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Huff! Money is so important. Not joking there. The root of many bad situations.

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Don’t jump to conclusions. I’ve read some of the Põhjala responses before Sori removed them from their facebook, and to me it seems to be much more like someone needs attention.

I’d say move along and ignore this personal issue between two individuals instead of making a big thing out of this.


I don’t care about their personal issues. It’s more about the pressure on the people working in this field, the depression and so on. Sometimes we think this scene is only made of friendship and happiness and we forget we are human after all

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Back to the money issue.

As someone who knows all the Estonian[edit - I include Sori as Estonian here] parties involved on friendly first name terms, and who is financially invested in the local scene (thus, I must stress, unable to be 100% neutral on this issue, fetch your salt-cellar), this does somewhat perturb me. However, after some probing, it seems like things are not as shocking as they were initially made out to be, and there have been misunderstandings aplenty. Do remember that no party involved has English as their first language.

I’ll be a lot happier seeing this de-escalated. I do hope the next image on facebook is them in their school shorts in front of everyone being forced to shake hands and say sorry. And again, like they mean it this time :wink:


I don’t really understand what is hurtful for the Sori guy. Is it being called as a ‘handsome financial professional’???

But that’ s clearly sarcastic. If you have, or have had, issues regarding self-image, then, yes, sarcastic compliments about your image will be triggering, certainly.

I disagree with Pyry on a lot of things, I even deliberately wind him up in some of my beer reviews - using heavy sarcasm, no less - but on this single point, I can see his point of view. This is the point of sarcasm most of the time. And it was laid on so thick, it didn’t look like just a joke, it looked personal. There’s a reason some say that “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”. So why wouldn’t you expect him to react as if it was a personal attack? And at that point, if you respond with a knee-jerk, all meaningful dialogue ceases. Welcome to the internet.

In my experience the best way to respond to sarcasm is to reverse the call, such as thanking the guy for his apparent appreciation of a well coiffed person. If it was me I would even take it further and propose to help the other guy with dressing tips and tricks. :grin:

The main point is there is nothing to be defensive about, since it’s his choice of dressing, etc.