Trade American IPAs for German Hefe/Kristal weizens

Looking for someone in Europe to trade beers with. I want to try some German beers but there aren’t a lot available where I’m from. ID be willing to trade some craft IPAs or anything from the U.S. that someone in Europe might be missing out on.

Auf der Suche nach jemandem in Europa, um mit Bieren zu handeln. Ich möchte ein paar deutsche Biere probieren, aber es gibt nicht viele, wo ich herkomme. Ich bin bereit, einige Handwerks-IPAs oder irgendetwas aus den USA zu tauschen, das jemand in Europa verpassen könnte.


Not saying you shouldn’t trade with some Germans (you should), but if you are close to Boston or NYC (seeing you are based in CT), there are quite a bit of hefeweizens readily available there. Of course, from a trade you will probably get more obscure ones, but wanted to let you know.

Are you looking for special brands or just Hefe / Kristall in general?

Sounds interesting. What are you looking for? Could do the trade together with @Koelschtrinker, as we have a tasting-group anyway. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find a solution :beers:

Good to know, thank you!

Well I haven’t really had much experience with anything other than IPA’s and some basic witbiers but recently I’ve been trying to get into some weizens. I’ve tried Weihenstephan Hefeweizen and absolutely loved it. I’m looking for something like that. Either something that I’d trade for or suggestions as to some that are relatively easy to come by in the New England area.

Great Weizen that are also exported to at least parts of the US are Andechser and Schneider. Probably you can find them somewhere.
For the rest I’ll send you a PM :beer: