Trade, Mail Order, Travel, Mules and how to get beers by breweries you really want to taste

I’ve noticed that even among aficionados, going added lengths to sample new beers is falling out of favor because the proliferation of locally available variety is often in ample supply. But there a lot of brewers who I’d like to taste who aren’t readily available to try.

Which methods do you use most often to get beer from afar? Is there some other way?

Do you stand in line for beers or have multiple club memberships that actually ship?

Club memberships are not really a thing yet in Europe, but there are some breweries doing it. I personally get my top wants through mules or trades and sometimes travels to specialty bars. I consider those efforts worth it since my locals can’t match what’s out there in the rest of Europe (yet).

That said I’d never pay money for something on the secondary market.

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I got an email from Lost Abbey last weekend offering to join the Sinners Club. $399 for 13 bottles, shipping only within California. Nay.

i tried to join that years ago. but as you say no uk shipping.

ive def stopped trading as much now the UK
scene has a wider style range. having done a lot to top rated stuff im a massive believer in hype and homerism. thered loads of superb beer out there often under the radar. limited stuff tends to get only to those who LOVE brewery or style. Go seek out hidden gems, when i do trade im as much excited by a beer my trader loves as top beer.

:frowning: I am not sure how they can sustain the hype for their beers considering the crazy price.
Do you by any chance have details of the membership?
Seems like it was a big thing for Cali people.

Standing in line? Club memberships? Outrageous prices? I can get more than I’d ever have been able to dream of from about four stores in total in Brussels and Amsterdam and one webshop shipping from Lille.

13 bottles including rarities like Cable Car,

Duck Duck Gueuze. More but I deleted the email when I saw California shipping only. And glasses.

When I checked Monday morning, the club sold out.