Trade of Share IP Brussels, Switzerland, Munich, Copenhagen. FT: List; ISO: List

Hello everyone. I will be traveling to Belgium, Switzerland, Munich and finally Copenhagen for 2 weeks starting this friday. Would love to trade or share beers while on my travels.

Below is a list of beers I would have available for trade or share (I only have a few other very rare beers I would be able to share- inquire within on those)
I will be leaving New York in Friday so I would need to know what beers I can pack before then

FT or share:

Hill Farmstead:

BA fear and trembling
Birth of Tragedy (2018)
Works of Love: Cigar City
Flora- BBRC
Flora Pear
Flora Kiwi
Civil Disobedience: Citrus
Log- 3/10/16
Log 1/28/16
Log 6/7/16
Log 1/15/16
Log 7/15/16
Log 4/16/16
Log 7/31/17
Civil Disobedience #19
Civil Disobedience #21
Civil Disobedience #22
Civil Disobedience #24
Elaborative 4
Farmer Wave
E (2018)
Biere de Norma 2018
Sue (2018)
BA What is Enlightenment- Vintage 2016
BA Dorothy
Works of Love: Tired Hands
E (2017)
Works of Love: Anchorage- 2017- 750ml
Sue (2017)
Phenomenology of Spirit- 2016
Arthur Puncheon
Civil Disobedience #20
Civil Disobedience Plum
Works of Love: Tired Hands ghost hands
Flora Plum (2018)
Madness & Civilization 11
Madness & Civilization 8
BA Genealogy of Morals (2018)
Madness & Civilization (2016)
Works of Love: Cigar City Coolship

Side Project:
Biere du Pays (blend 6)
Saison du Fermier (Foeder batch 1)

AleSmith: Mokasida Speedway Stout
Cycle Rare DoS Double Barrel cinnamon hazelnut

Trillium: Plum Super Soak
Trillium Plum Fated Farmer
Trillium: Peach Fated Farmer
Trillium: oenbier

Suarez Family: Summer whoa- 2017

I’m looking for mainly lambic from Cantillon, Drie Fonteinen or possibly Bokkeryder

My biggest want is Drie Fonteinen Millenium Geuze but I know that very rare. Have other beers I could possibly share for that

I am not sure on trade values on some of these beers but would love to try


Lambic D’Aunis
Saint Lamvinus Grand Cru
La Vie es Belge
Citoyen du Monde
Grand Cru Brut
La Vie est Solidaire
Reine des Pres
Lou Pepe Framboise
And any other Cantillon I’ve yet to try

Drie Fonteinen:
Older Oude Geuze Vintage
Any others I’ve never tried

Open to most any Bokkeryder as I’ve only had 1

Non Lambic:

Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter
Närke Kaggen Stormaktsporter Börb’nåhallon
Närke Konjaks! Stormaktsporter
Mikkeller X Imperial Stout

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