Trades between Atlanta and Phoenix

This summer I plan a road trip from Atlanta, GA to Phoenix, AZ for a national convention. I have plenty of extra bottles, including some good stuff from Georgia, that I am willing to trade - and I can always buy something special.

I will be taking I-40 across the country, so I’ll pass through Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, the Texas panhandle, and Albuquerque, among other places. Anybody care to do a trade? Also, any suggestions of good breweries on that route?

I enjoyed Lost Forty in Little Rock and Ghost River in Memphis last summer. Have fun

I always use this app when I’m on a road trip

Of course cross checking the breweries through here

Thanks for the tip! I will definitely check out this app.

Maybe we can meet up in Phx for a trade. I live in scottsdale.