Trading For Sahti

Looking to trade for a sahti. I’m really interested in trying the style and I’m willing to trade quite a bit away for the chance to try one. Let me know if you’re interested!

If you want to actually taste the style, and not some “used the name but did whatever” versions that pervaded the US at some point, you’d do well to trade with someone in Finland if possible. On the other hand, that stuff doesn’t travel well, though the new bag in box packaging might have helped it some…


I have bought sahti couple of times from Finland to Boston and NY but then it takes only 20 hours so there is some sense… I wouldnt send sahti by mail… very likely contaminated after 2-3 weeks post session at warm temperature.


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Off Color and Scratch brew some US versions which I have been able to find in the past in NYC. There is also Lammin sahti US version which actually used to be brewed in CT, but it looks like it has been discontinued.

The Lammin US version was a one time thing when the brewer from there came over to to CT with his yeast and brewed up a batch. The rest of US versions I’ve tried while not much like Finnish Sahti are still tasty beverages if you like Juniper of course. I can’t remember which one came closest to real deal

i had this one last year at Earth Eagle Brewery and it had actually lots of sahti elements. Brewmaster is also expert in traditional beers and knows lots of about them.


Now that Gruit is an official style I need to make it back to Earth Eagle get my tick on

Even if the temperatures are moderate… I even had a Sahti from Finland to Germany (which takes 4 days for the parcel) to turn bad… so I would also fear that a “real” Sahti won’t survive in the Post to the US