Trading With Canadians

Trading With Canadians

We have a lot of great craft brewers in the Great White North. Anyone trade with Canadians south of the 49th parallel. Also anyone have any TIPS???

There are uncertainties. So far as I know, there is no legal USPS way to ship beer (and maybe liquids) anywhere. Then, unless there has been a change, private shipping companies do not accept alcohol shipments from private persons. If asked about contents you have to lie or go elsewhere. Some parcel receiving locations don’t ask. Find one! Both methods of shipment can meet with an exposure when parcels past through customs (and sometimes these days equipment which views contents and may show large liquid containers causing an agent to think a parcel needs to be opened).

There may well be a period of anxiety when days pass and a shipment does not arrive, because it’s sitting in customs waiting, waiting, waiting.

Still it worked for me. Except for custom temporary holdups it wasn’t much different from US trades. Fortunately I know a UPS “store” that never asks about contents. :slight_smile:

bhensonb …are you Canadian?


bhensonb …thanks for replying if there’s anything you are looking for let me know. I can provide a Canadian connection.



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I have traded with two lads. One in Anchorage (guess what I was after :))) and the other was in Montreal. It was UK to Canada. They sent out using Canadian Post that took like 4 weeks. I sent out using the 3 letter shippers, double boxed. Got to them in 3 days. Interested in a Bellwoods hookup if anyone is around??

I’ve got some Barn Owl, Jelly King, Farmhouse Classic and White Picket Fence if interested.

I am interested but in trading only in July if you are about??