Trails, strolls and beer varieties

One for the connoisseurs. Do other countries have events to promote specific beer style? A Belgian tractor ride fo Saison, perhaps…
What do the Germans do for Altbier or the Poles for Baltic Porter? Does New England have a pale trail?
In the midst of a shrunken Nottingham Mild trail that is far smaller than it used to be but still needed given the endangered status of Mild, I pose the question?

I believe there’s some sort of Sahti event in Helsinki.

There’s an Apfelwein festival in Frankfurt and other towns and villages also have their own. I can’t remember the name but I’ve got a load of the little blue Apfelwein jugs that are produced annually in Oberursel.

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I have tried just one Sahti and zero Apfelwein. Maybe nice commemorative flagons could boost Mild consumption because otherwise it will disappear between the wave of pale and the sea of imperial stout and porter.

My Aunt came over from Finland last month. She was going to buy some Sahti but the dudes in the shop convinced her not to buy it as it wouldn’t travel well. Killjoys.